Keyword Research (Local SEO)

As one of the most fundamental of all SEO strategies, keyword research still remains one of the most important aspects of an SEO campaign. When you really break down the way people search, the central theme remains that words are typed into a search box to find your products or services. Thus, keyword research is imperative to finding and targeting those words or phrases that will generate the most qualified traffic to your website. Keyword research is also the basis in which most of your site’s content will be developed and strategized.


Text is one of the most important SEO building techniques implemented into a website.  Keywords are of particular importance within the text on the page, where those keywords appear, and how often.  Your research into keywords should seek to match the words and phrases that potential visitors will use when searching for your site, or specific topics on your site. These keywords make all the difference when a search engine indexes your website and produces it in the search results.

The other important aspect of keywords in relation to search is that different people will type in different words to find the same things. This evidence is shown in analytics reports that showcase the entrance keywords that people are using to find a well-optimized website. Looking at this information shows that most of the searches that result in clicks to your website are not in fact the most generic forms of a search (ex: Denver dentist) but rather searches that make sense to the individual user (ex. I need help alleviating my tooth pain).

Although fundamental, this important aspect of your SEO and Internet marketing strategy should not be overlooked. In fact, it should not remain static either as the topics that people search for are in constant flux. Use keyword research to fuel your content strategy and chances are you will drive more traffic to your site than ever before.

Free Keyword Research Resources:

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