Link Building

In order for your site to be a visible source on the web for content you need to have meaningful, relevant links from your site to other credible sites and more so having other credible sites link back to yours. These avenues are an important factor in how your website ranks on the web. Link building shows interactivity with the community and makes your website a legitimate source online.  For example, you are a DUI attorney and you have a popular section on your website about DUI misconceptions.  An effective link building technique would be to develop relationships with other website owners that would link to your page as a reputable source of information for this topic. This would create credibility in your site as a source of information and a valid link that would help your website’s ranking.

The art and science of link building goes beyond merely having good content and expecting people to find it. Often times, the most effective link building strategies happen organically from sharing a well-written, highly informative piece of content that other website owners feel has value to their website visitors. Once new content is created and is worthy of sharing, new and existing relationships should be utilized to get attention to your new piece of content. This could mean from a solid social media sharing campaign, an e-mail list, or an article that you wrote yourself that was good enough to be picked up on a credible, relevant website.

Link building does not have to occur from text content alone. Often videos, infographics or pictures can speak volumes about products or services as well.

Deceptive Link Building

There are some ineffective link building techniques that worked well but have since been devalued. Some examples include links from unrelated sites, links from sites that only serve to produce links, or links that are clearly purchased as opposed to earned. The search engines are on the lookout for these deceptive practices that are used to artificially increase rankings. We welcome search algorithms such as the Penguin update that are aimed at penalizing unscrupulous link building techniques.

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