SEO Partnership with Personal Training Education Company Fitness Mentors

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SEO Partnership

Digital Elevator is proud to announce an SEO partnership with Fitness Mentors, a southern California company that provides study resources to those looking to pass their NASM certified personal training exam. In addition to re-facing the Fitness Mentors website with a more corporate and user-interface oriented design, we are looking to increase the amount of traffic and sales Fitness Mentors generates through their site. Fitness Mentors provides its services to a national audience.

In terms of SEO, we are looking at a mostly two-pronged approach to reaching our goals of helping Fitness Mentors get the most ROI:

We addressed the on-page elements of the site right off the bat – title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, H1s and subheadings, URL structure, etc. – and it paid off right away. The site experienced an increase in sessions of 19 percent and a healthy increase in organic search traffic of 44 percent. This resulted in a substantial increase in the profits the site generated of about 25 percent and the most financially lucrative month of the site in its previous history.

Personal Training Education Business Model

Fitness Mentors sells premium NASM study materials including study guides, audio lectures, online courses and practice tests. The primary goal of the site is to bring students in with a free NASM certified personal trainer study guide and allure them to the premium offerings. The premium study materials boast a 99 percent pass rate and this is often utilized in the marketing language as well as in the more creative language we used in the title tags (ex. Free NASM CPT Study Guide for 2015- 99% Pass Rate) to encourage click-through.

Content Marketing for Personal Trainer Education

Rather than try to write a bunch of blogs about studying for the personal training exams – the free study guide resource attracts that type of traffic – we decided to make the blog more about personal training marketing. The content produced there is aimed at being amongst the best on the web, going for quality posts rather than quantity and using outreach to drive traffic.

The initial content consisted of an article on what personal trainers should do after they get their initial personal training certification. As the future of the Fitness Mentors site is to turn people on to continuing education courses it makes sense to aim the focus of the website to the appeal of helping personal trainers market their businesses and thus associate the site with services they can utilize later in their careers. We also kicked off the content with a list-style post that sought to provide more actionable advice than elsewhere on the web as well as an infographic we can use for link building outreach.

Link Building for Personal Trainer Education

When doing a competitive analysis of the other sites that rank well for the terms we are competing for, there don’t seem to be a great deal of page level links. Most of the sites rank because of the domain level strength which is why our content marketing plan can make big gains when the right keywords are put into place. Still, in the event we do get some page level links, the likelihood that these pages will rank really well will increase.

We have already started some outreach based on an infographic we built on 8 ways to jumpstart your personal training career and have some decent traction on it. We may also be looking at some guest blogging opportunities on authoritative sites, primarily to get the referral traffic and bring awareness to the Fitness Mentors name rather than push our rankings.

A full case study of the Fitness Mentors site will be published in a few months.

Daniel Lofaso
Daniel Lofaso
Daniel E. Lofaso is the lead SEO and owner of Digital Elevator and is also the founder of startup SwellSpy. Connect with Lofaso on Twitter and LinkedIn

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