User Experience

Alas! The fabled element of your website that takes into account the interactions between you and your desired visitor. User experience is one of our favorite pieces of organic SEO as it is the area where we believe your website can truly shine. We think that too many web owners (and Internet marketers for that matter) focus too much on chasing algorithms and not enough on creating the best possible experience for their visitors. Done judiciously, constructing your website and all of its grandeur around its desired visitors forces the search engines to chase you around and not vice versa.

The Case Study on User Experience

So what are elements of user experience you ask? User experience can mean different things for different websites. Take for example, once a faltering company that became the world’s most popular web-based shoe store. Their billion dollar success has been attributed to putting people before profits. Let’s look at how Zappos successfully acquired customers through search engine marketing and made them happy enough with their experience to keep them coming back. Shoes were already a big online ticket item when Zappos entered the scene but they managed to redefine their visitors’ user experience.

On a specific shoe page, the site practically puts you in the shoe store. Its focus on user experience showcases pictures of shoes from all imaginable angles; all possible color selections; a video of the shoes; a ‘you may also like’ suggestion tool; fit summaries; customer reviews on overall likeability, comfort and style; details about the brand; specifics about the shoe; and more. Compare this user experience to ordinary sites that just have a couple of pictures of the shoe, reviews, and a brief description. This focus on providing the user more information than they possibly could imagine allows them to build trust with their visitors and ultimately results in sales.

Your Site’s User Experience

Digital Elevator helps its clients focus on the above elements of user experience in ways that are catered to the specific offerings of our clients. Building the platform Zappos has takes time, planning, and a focus on what customers really care about. With the right strategy we can help your site capitalize on aspects of user experience that your competitors do not and ultimately help you win.

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