Construction Company Native Resurfacing Sees 900% ROI on PPC Campaign

Company & Client Overview

Native Resurfacing is a specialty construction company providing sports court resurfacing and repair services for the South Florida area. They specialize in sports court resurfacing for tennis, basketball, pickleball, track, and other outdoor sports surfaces.

The Challenge 


While the company had 20 years of industry experience, they only relied on word of mouth and referrals for new client acquisition. Wanting to expand their lead generation efforts, Native Resurfacing contacted Digital Elevator to help them formulate a plan of attack.

With no prior marketing in place whatsoever, Native Resurfacing had to take a leap of faith (and lots of research) to make the move to invest in PPC.


Digital Elevator provided Native Resurfacing a ton of research to ensure that their investment would be a smart one in the Google Ads Search Network space. We researched keyword volume, geographical data, search intent, competitors, and more, to present a plan that revolved around lead generation. We also had discussions around their unique selling proposition and centered our messaging around that.

Additionally, we built our individual pages for each of the service offerings to ensure the ads and landing pages would be super-relevant to the viewer. We created several iterations of the ads, and constantly tested performance to determine the best options. Finally, we paid special attention to our negative keywords list and constantly updated it to ensure no ad spend was wasted on intent-poor keywords.

Full Scope of Services

Landing page creation

A/B Testing

Pay-per-click management

Google Ads Search Network

First Lead & Sale Generated in First Week of Launch

0 %

ROI- ad spend and management fee

$ 0

Under $40 Cost Per Lead

We had no previous experience running ads and since I never actually click on Google Ads, I have to admit I was skeptical of the recommendation. Of course, Daniel at Digital Elevator was spot on with his recommendation and we got our first lead, and client, the first week we launched. Since then we have been outperforming the estimates Digital Elevator provided and growing month-over-month.

Felipe L.


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