Ecommerce Content Marketing for Hybrid Battery Company

Company & Client Overview

Exclusively Hybrid is a hybrid vehicle mechanic that performs traditional mechanical services in its South Florida location but also manufactures and sells hybrid batteries and cells online. The mechanical services are very successful and the shop, due to its stellar reputation and specialization, sees clients from all over the state.

The hybrid battery sales department of the business was up and coming, although Exclusively Hybrid did not have the proper platform in which to sell, or promote these batteries.

The Challenge 


While Exclusively Hybrid had a great reputation and a solid flow of customers for their in-house mechanical services, they did not have the digital platform to sell, or promote, the proprietary batteries that they had spent years developing. Furthermore, the marketplace for online sales was dominated by a few select ecommerce companies who only sold what are known as refurbished hybrid batteries, so there was some consumer education that still needed to take place.

Exclusively Hybrid sells these types of products but also sells new batteries, so there are price differences and pros and cons that consumers need to be aware of.

From an SEO perspective, the site had zero rankings and a poor foundation in which to build upon.


Digital Elevator initially came in with a limited scope of services because like many brands, Exclusively Hybrid had been burned by unethical SEO companies in the past. Once we gained the client’s trust, we moved on to a full scope of services to help the brand compete on a national level for their hybrid battery sales.

Starting with a new website that utilized lots of greens to evoke emotions consistent with renewable energy, we revamped the brand’s appearance to be more trustworthy and corporate. Part of this new website included a fully vamped content marketing strategy, with the initial foundations in keyword research and proper sitemap creation of the product and services pages.

Once these pages were complete and published, we moved on to a more traditional content marketing strategy that involved ongoing blogging using our Holy Grail SEO technique of finding low competition, high volume topics to cover for quick rankings and traffic generation. 

Finally, after the ROI of our services was evident, the client invested in the upgrade of their website to utilize ecommerce and full automation of online transactions. We helped with WooCommerce setup, merchant services integration, tax software implementation, and automated shipping documents so their in-house team could simply pack up the batteries and ship them out. 

In addition to the organic SEO services that we provided, we amplified the promotional efforts with a dedicated PPC campaign across Google Ads.

Full Scope of Services

Website development

Graphic design and branding

Content marketing



Hybrids Aren’t the Only Thing Efficient Around Here


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Daniel at Digital Elevator was referred to me by a client of ours and it was a great recommendation. He worked with my budget, put a plan in place, and he and his team of SEOs, web developers, and writers is second to none. My website traffic is growing consistently and the sales and leads generated for my hybrid batteries are providing us the opportunity to expand into bigger  warehouse space due to our continued success.

Alex Valler


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