Healthcare Marketing Case Study: Landing Page Consulting & Content Marketing for 6th Biggest Company in US

Company & Client Overview

McKesson is a pharmaceutical company that also provides medical supplies, care management tools, and healthcare IT services. It has been around since the 1830s, where the bulk of its operations were focused on pharmaceuticals. In the mid-20th century, McKesson shifted much of its efforts to medical technology, and this is the segment we assisted with.Digital Elevator was brought in initially to help with the sales copy for the Business Performance Services (BPS) division, which focused on revenue cycle management software and IT services for healthcare companies. More recently, this division was merged with Change Healthcare.

The Challenge 


While McKesson did not suffer from the typical brand awareness issues of many companies, they had challenges demonstrating their scope of services within their sales copy. As we dove into the sales copy we also discovered some issues due to the navigational structure of their website. The navigation and sales copy needed a refresh that aimed to showcase the features and benefits of a partnership with McKesson BPS.


Digital Elevator took a backwards approach to restructuring the BPS copy and navigation by working with their marketing team to determine the ultimate goals of the site. As it was discovered that their products had exceptionally long lead times, we made suggestions to help potential clients get into the top of their sales funnel with less friction by utilizing white papers and video marketing.

Upon further dissection of the BPS divisions’ existing content, we discovered a fantastic performance calculator resource that was not being utilized. We worked to place this tool as a call-to-action within the sales copy to help prospects understand the savings they could potentially have by switching partners. This tool was also created into a dedicated landing page that we recommended be used as part of their existing, but poorly converting, pay-per-click campaign.

Full Scope of Services

Content marketing

Content marketing consulting

Website navigation consulting

Landing page consulting

Small Changes at Big Companies Have a Big Impact

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Lead Increase

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Increase in PPC-generated Leads

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Reduction in Lead to Meeting Time

“Dan and the Digital Elevator team initially helped us out with some new service page sales copy but took a vested interest in how that copy worked within our entire sales process. This led to evaluations into our overall sales cycle and how content and email opt-ins through white papers and our revenue calculator tool could be leveraged to generate more leads.They were careful not to step on anybody’s toes at our company, and seamlessly blended into our team adding extra value in several poorly performing areas.”

Chris Morrison

Director of Marketing McKesson BPS

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