Local SEO for Niche Real Estate Company LiveWPB

Company & Client Overview

LiveWPB is a one-man real estate agent that works under a brokerage in West Palm Beach, FL. They specialize in downtown West Palm Beach condo sales and rentals and have to deal with fierce local competition as well as the presence of corporate giants like Zillow and Realtor.com. Digital Elevator was brought in to help with a long-term SEO strategy for client leads.

The Challenge 


Real estate SEO is tough because Google generally prefers the trusted corporate sites like Zillow, Realtor.com, Redfin, and others. These sites can rely heavily on their overall domain authority and can rank well without doing much SEO at all.

We had to find opportunities that LiveWPB could rank for that were not dominated by corporate sites with unlimited marketing budgets.


From the start Digital Elevator let LiveWPB know that this campaign would be an extremely long haul and that quick rankings would be extremely unlikely. In fact, the client even cancelled our services after the first seven months because they were not prepared for the long term investment SEO requires. About four months later, the client reengaged us because nearly every condo page we built (as part of the targeting strategy) was ranking in the top three spots of Google search for both sales and rentals-related searches.

Full Scope of Services

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Conversion rate optimization

SEO consulting

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"Digital Elevator, you are the best investment I ever made!"

Tim Frater


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