Ecommerce Content Marketing That Wins Customers Did you know that 71 percent of consumers use search engines to find products, and an even higher percentage uses search to make informed purchasing decisions by researching and comparing products? The importance of content marketing in ecommerce is something that can not be ignored. To be successful with content marketing, […]

Revenue is an important metric for measuring business performance. Use these formulas and find out how to calculate revenue for your business. When it comes to assessing business performance, there’s one figure that stands out above the rest—revenue. Obviously, money is important when running a business. Without it, your business is done. Despite its fundamental […]

SaaS pricing models demonstrate the value of your features to convert subscribers. Use these software pricing strategies to optimize your SaaS pricing page now. How do the most popular SaaS pricing models stack up against each other? The SaaS industry grows more attractive every day, but how successful businesses are in this space has everything […]

What’s the best PPC management pricing model for your business? A PPC agency takes the time-consuming task of optimizing your account and maximizing ad spend off your plate. For many small businesses, the average PPC management fee, which runs between $250 to over $2,000 per month or billing cycle, is a well-earned ROI. After all, PPC management […]

Wondering how to run Google Ads campaigns for your marijuana business? You see the ads from your competitors but your ad agency tells you it can’t be done? It can. Today’s video is for you!  In today’s video, Digital Elevator’s Daniel Lofaso, a foremost authority on marijuana marketing, shares his secrets to running successful Google […]