General Questions

1What makes Digital Elevator better than the other guys?
It is hard to find an SEO and inbound marketing company that provides as many turn-key services as Digital Elevator does. We evaluate the big picture no matter the size your SEO package. This means our clients aren’t limited to cut-and-paste strategies but custom campaigns that work with specific budgets. For all of our campaigns you’ll have access to our competitive analysis research, keyword research, on and off-page optimization strategies, link building, inbound marketing strategies and conversion rate optimization. Plus there’s the fact that we have been doing SEO for years and have worked with international, e-commerce, SMBs and mom and pop shops.
2Do you charge setup fees?
No. We don't believe in charging setup fees. Other firms charge them because setting up an SEO campaign -- keyword research, Google Analytics, SEO software, on-page optimization, competitive analysis -- -- takes a lot of time. We just explain to our clients that SEO takes time and partner with companies who are interested in long-term relationships.
3How long does it take to get results?
It is always the goal of Digital Elevator to “make our clients far more than they invest in us.” As some industries are more competitive than others it is impossible to give a reasonable expectation for everyone. Additionally, new websites or businesses will take more time than older, more established companies. Each campaign will have different times before results may occur and because search engines algorithms are a secret to everyone, we never make any guarantees.
4Do you guarantee rankings?
We never guarantee rankings and we don’t believe any SEO company can either. However, we have an exceptional track record and we have never had a client who wasn’t pleased with our results and our case studies and testimonials speak to that end.
5Are their long-term contracts or minimum commitments?
Digital Elevator’s monthly SEO pricing is a month-to-month service. There is no contract or long-term obligation. You will be billed on a monthly basis and if you cancel, you will never be billed again.
6What's included in your SEO campaigns?
Our SEO campaigns entail the following services:
  • Full competitor research analysis
  • Organic ranking opportunity and traffic analysis
  • Link profile analysis and keyword research
  • Website title, meta, and alt tag optimization
  • Site structure and architecture implementation
  • Internal linking, URL, and page speed optimization
  • Schema code implementation
  • Quality link building campaign
  • Broken link building and link harvesting strategy
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Targeted on-site content expansion and optimization
  • Long-tail keyword copywriting and targeting
  • Social media profile optimization
  • Monthly reporting (Analytics and Work Completed)
7What are your rates?
Our most entry-level SEO campaigns start at $1,500 per month and go up from there. We also offer by the hour SEO consulting and project-based SEO. Inquire for pricing on your project today.
8How many keywords can I go after?
We scale our SEO campaigns according to your budget. By communicating what is realistic we can all have a better idea of what to expect. Basically, we can go after any keywords you want and set aside a portion of your budget to target them.