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Take advantage of the fastest growing advertising format with OTT and CTV advertising opportunities with Digital Elevator, experts at TV media buying.

We’ll help you create a media plan around the unique opportunities that CTV offers, helping you to maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS).





Digital Elevator Programmatic TV Advertising Services 

Engage viewers on the big screen or on their favorite devices when they’re most receptive to brand advertisements. Utilize CTV ads as an isolated channel or as part of a multi-channel approach to increase the reach of your advertising campaigns.

Benefits of Programmatic Advertising:

US adults spend 2 hours and 29 minutes per day viewing digital video

US CTV ad spend is poised to grow 48.6% YoY to $13.41 billion

78% of US households are reachable by programmatic connected TV

CTV is at the very heart of what now defines “TV advertising”

Kirby Grines


When it comes to programmatic and all things digital marketing, there is no one I trust more than the team at Digital Elevator.

Why Trust Digital Elevator for Programmatic Advertising Services?

Forward thinking marketers ask for the same things:

Omni-channel approaches that enable consumer journeys

Meaningful technology that can facilitate journey-based communications

Deliver insights that power future decisions while minimizing waste

Validation that investment continually improves and is having impact

Targeting strategies

1st-Party Targeting

3rd-Party Targeting

Page Context AI

Browsing Audience

Curated Site List/PMP

Lookalike Audiences

Dynamic Retargeting

B2B/ISP Targeting

Geo Radius Targeting

What is CTV Advertising?

Today more than 87 million households are streaming their content. CTV, or connected TV, allows advertisers a unique opportunity to target these viewers while they are in front of the big screen.

These ads can be served before a program is started or during traditional commercial breaks. As many audiences simply aren’t watching cable TV anymore (cord cutters or cord nevers), advertising on CTV or OTT allows more control over who sees your ads and how frequently.

It also affords advertisers incredible insights into reporting, forecasting, and conversion data.


What is CTV programmatic advertising?

CTV programmatic advertising is the automated process of buying and selling digital ads. CTV ads are delivered to connected TVs.

What is OTT and CTV advertising?

OTT advertising refers to the delivery mechanism of the ads over the internet rather than over traditional cable or satellite TV. OTT can refer to streaming on a variety of devices such as phones, tablets, or TVs whereas connect TV (CTV) only refers to internet-connected TVs.

Can I combine OTT/CTV advertising with other programmatic advertising?

A multi-platform approach using programmatic advertising is recommended for brands that want to create campaigns across multiple ad formats and funnels. These can include display, native, CTV, and audio. Combined with other channels, it is possible to capture up to 94% of the population on existing channels. Furthermore, a multi-channel campaign has been shown to lead to a higher conversion rate than any single channel in isolation.

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