5 SaaS Email Campaigns
For Kick-Ass Start-Ups

5 SaaS Email Campaigns for Kick-Ass Start-Ups

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What you'll Learn:

You'll learn five distinct SaaS email marketing campaigns that will help you with your goal of increasing your conversion rates and taking visitors, to trialists, to premium users. These include:

  1. Acquisition Email
  2. Free Trial Activation
  3. Freemium User Activation
  4. Freemium User Upgrade
  5. Delight Emails

After reading this whitepaper, you'll know:

  • check
    how the traditional SaaS sales funnel works
  • check
    how to understand customer behavior
  • check
    how to attract and convert users using email
  • check
    how to convert freemium users to paid
  • check
    how to use email logic to close more deals

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