4-step SaaS Content Marketing Strategy Revealed: Meet Sales Pipeline Goals in 3-months


30 Min

It’s a story we hear often: You have a great software product but your marketing plan is not meeting the right people at the right places, slowing you down from growing month-over-month.

Join Digital Elevator President and SaaS marketing specialist Daniel Lofaso for a presentation about creating a SaaS content marketing strategy that will be the key to achieving growth goals.

You'll also get insights into the exact process we have have used for our SaaS clients that has seen them grow, scale, raise funds, and get acquired.

Key Takeaways

Diagnose: Understanding SaaS marketing challenges related lead flow are usually centered around ROI, the appropriate channels to target, and a desire to perform accurate sales forecasting.

How To: How to combine your research around your target audience to create a four-pronged content marketing approach around marketing channels you most likely already use.

Best Practices: Establishing a target audience, creating resources for your target audience, setting up ads, and optimizing are the four pillars to SaaS marketing success.

Bonus: Content marketing tips you can use for months.


First 10 minutes

Industry insight around the pain points suffered by SaaS marketers

Next 10 minutes

How to create the assets necessary to carry out a successful lead generation campaign

Next 10 minutes

SaaS content marketing best practices based on years of experience and clients from all industries.


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