Technical SEO Audit Services

Technical SEO services by Digital Elevator are designed to address problems with your website’s health that may be harming your ability to rank.

With an analysis of SEO issues that could be holding your site back from its full potential you’ll be able to ensure you have an SEO-friendly website that improves search engine visibility.

Who are Digital Elevator Technical Website Audit Services for? 

Our technical SEO audits are designed for:

Well-established sites with 100+ URLs

Sites that produce a lot of monthly content

Sites that have recently been relaunched

Sites that have significant rankings drops


Starting at $2,499*

Prices are based on the number of URLs to be audited:

  • Up to 100 URLs: $2,499
  • 101-300 URLs: $3,999
  • 301-500 URLs: $4,999
  • 501-700 URLs: $5,999
  • 700+ URLs: Get a custom quote

What’s Included in a Digital Elevator Technical SEO Audit?

Digital Elevator’s technical SEO audits are created to address website functionality issues and errors then provide a strategic action plan for your team to address them.

Specific technical SEO auditing services that we perform include, but are not limited to, the following:

Page errors


Broken images

Broken links

Desktop and mobile speed performance

Page title length

Meta description analysis

Duplicate content

Missing Google Analytics

Page speed

Missing page titles


Our technical SEO auditing services include auditing, strategy, and actionable reporting. We can also help with implementation services as part of an additional agreement.

SEO Audit FAQ's

What are technical SEO services?

Technical SEO services pertain to optimizations related to the way your website is crawled, indexed, and rendered by search engines.

How long do SEO audits take?

SEO audits typically take four weeks to complete, but depend on the amount of URLs.

How much does a technical SEO audit cost?

The cost of a technical SEO audit depends on the amount of URLs and complexity of the reporting. Digital Elevator audits start at $2,499.

Do you execute your recommendations for us?

Clients who have the resources to execute the SEO audit recommendations are best suited for these services. We can help with implementation services as part of an additional agreement.

Is an SEO audit worth it?

Due to the value of “free” traffic that can be derived from search engines, SEO audits are very valuable and generally provide an excellent ROI.

What other auditing services do you perform?

In addition to technical SEO audits, we also perform SEO Content Audits and SEO Competitor Analysis Services.

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