About Digital Elevator

At Digital Elevator, we pride ourselves on building strategic SEO, content and digital marketing campaigns that seek to meet the branding and financial goals of our clients.

What’s with the Name?

Well, we work in the Digital space and we Elevate brands to new heights. Hence Digital Elevator.

Your Success is Our Success

The success of our company is directly correlated to the success of our clients.

We understand that without you, there is no us. When you partner with us we’ll never take the relationship for granted and understand that your investment in us is an investment in your baby’s success. Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

We Epitomize the “Hollywood Model” of Doing Business

Chances are you’ll hear more about the Hollywood model of work in the very near future. The Hollywood model is when an expert team is assembled, works together to complete a task, then disbands and moves on to the next project, exactly how crews in Hollywood films are put together .

You win because you are able to assemble the best team possible and make marketing decisions that are dictated by what makes the most sense for your company. We give your company that extra edge for a fraction of the cost of what it would take to produce the results in-house. Say goodbye to healthcare expenses, payroll taxes, paid time off, 401k’s and other indirect costs and hello to more profitability.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high-quality, data-driven search engine optimization, content marketing, and digital marketing services by utilizing Google best-practices and using the scientific method to test and improve the results of our clients. We serve small, medium and enterprise level clients across the U.S. and always strive to provide our clients exponentially more return on their investment as quickly and transparently as possible while helping them to build the best, most relevant brands possible.

President & Founder

Daniel E. Lofaso

Daniel E. Lofaso created Digital Elevator in response to the lack of SEO agencies out there that provided SEO and content marketing as a combined deliverable. What he found was that many companies provided SEO, but not content marketing, or provided blogging services and labeled them as content marketing with no actual search engine background.

It’s hard to launch a successful SEO campaign without great content and blogging for the sake of blogging is useless. To address these issues, Digital Elevator aims at creating value for its clients by giving them the tools they need to be successful, combining SEO and content marketing based on proven results and brand goals.

That foundation has set the tone for the growth of Digital Elevator at a pace of nearly 30 percent year-over-year, with the bulk of the work coming from client referrals. Now, Digital Elevator provides SEO to small, local business but also has clients that are in the top 10 of the Fortune 500 and has helped propel others into the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies.

Lofaso’s direction has seen our clients featured on such sites as Entrepreneur.com, The Ladders, Marketing Profs, and some of the most prestigious industry sites in existence. Millionaire CEOs contact Lofaso to write for them (and ghost write for them), plan their content strategies, and help them rank in the search engines.

“We take a brand-centric approach in everything we do,” says Lofaso. “We aren’t just looking to take on clients who want to rank or blog. We want to team up with clients who are focused on building their brands and have a product or service that deserves to be seen by the world.”

Lofaso currently resides in South Florida and spends his time surfing, playing pool, BBQing, traveling, doing Krav Maga, and enjoying the company of his family and friends. He is also involved in the local technology community in South Florida and sits on the Board of Directors for Palm Beach Tech as well as the Startup Council. Lofaso also heads the content marketing sub-committee within the organization. Additionally, Lofaso is a Board Member of the Palm Beach County Surf History Project

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Chief Technology Officer

Robert A. Hatch

Rob Hatch is an experienced web-developer with a demonstrated history of working in marketing and advertising industries. Hatch brings a strong graphic design eye and professional communication skill sets to the Digital Elevator team. His in-depth studies in design and brand marketing help our client’s web presence develop into industry leading spaces. His studies include Commercial Art and Advertising at the Art Institute of Houston and Fine Art at Schreiner University. Hatch also received the James Avery Scholarship for up and coming designers.

His passion is for people. Hatch is a lifelong missionary, serving the poor in Mexico, Bulgaria, the Republic of Georgia, Ukraine, Appalachia, American Indian Reservations and the inner cities of America.

In his free time, Hatch enjoys spending time with his amazing wife Lindsay and two kids Jacob and Gracelyn. If you’re ever in Dallas, you may find them at a local estate sale looking for the perfect piece of art or furniture to restore.

Director of Content Marketing

Dana Fletcher

Dana Fletcher is a seasoned writer and social media strategist whose work has been featured on the Huffington Post, Yahoo and The Mighty. Fletcher knows that growing a professional brand begins with working with clients to produce engaging, shareable content. She holds a BSc in Psychology from the University of Florida and an MA in Human Resource Management from the University of Leeds, U.K.

In her free time, she enjoys planning international adventures, playing with her two German Shepherds and smashing stigmas through her mental health awareness campaign, Embrace Your Unknown.

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