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Your services are best-in-class, and are critical to the success of your clients. But to get in front of leads, you need your website to convince them to talk with you. Therefore, you need a partner who understands how to design a website that communicates your value proposition. You need Digital Elevator web design services.

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Digital Elevator is your go-to partner for cutting-edge biotech web design. We understand the unique challenges faced by biotech companies and are equipped with the expertise to create a trustworthy and professional online presence that truly sets you apart.

Our team is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that meet your specific needs and goals, utilizing the latest technologies and design principles to help your business succeed. Let us help you elevate your online presence and take your biotech company to new heights.

Web Design Uniquely Catered for Life Science & Biotech Companies

Whether you are emerging from stealth mode, have commercialized products, or are generating leads, our expertise and commitment to your outcome is paramount. Our web design services can scale with your company based on your goals, budgets, and timeframes.  

Madison Avenue Services Without the Madison Avenue Price Tag

Unlike the “Madison Ave” agencies that pass on their overhead to their clients, our services are approachable and a welcome respite to the excessive rates the other guys charge.

Tim Branz

CIO | Ironshore Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

"Their in-house talent, expertise, attitude, engagement style, and creativity were second to none."

Our Approach to Biotech Web Design

Process makes perfect. Our biotech web design process has been created from years of experience and the creation of over 400 websites, utilizing a tried-and-true checklist that ensures every stage of the web design process is carried out correctly. All of our sites are 100% custom and don’t utilize templates. Learn more about the tasklist components we use for each and every custom website we build, or get inspiration from our roundup of best biotech websites on the web.


The setup portion of the web design project involves conversations with the client about their design goals, sites they like, competitor analysis, functionality, conversion paths, end-users, subject-matter expert interviews, and more. This also is the time we obtain client items such as logos, logins, branding guides, photos, and content.


Digital Elevator does a ton of upfront work before the site goes into development mode. This includes the creation of a sitemap that outlines the top menu(s), footer, or sidebar menus. The next step is the creation of wireframes to plan the skeletal framework of the site. Finally, we move onto the graphic mockup of the site that includes custom iconography, desktop and mobile mockups, and internal page mockups.


Once the client has approved the graphic mockups, we move on to website development on a staging server. This is also when we install a number of plugins, connect necessary integrations, and do robust beta testing across devices and browsers.


Post beta testing comes final client signoff and launch. We push live to the server, ensure Google Analytics and Google Search Console (or other analytics) are set up, forms are functioning properly, and SSL, pagespeed, and mobile-friendly tests are all up to par.

Biotech Web Design Services

Content management system

eCommerce integration

Subject-matter interviews

Custom graphic design


Content creation

Website maintenance

Staging environment

CRM integration



Messaging workshops

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Scalable Web Design & Marketing Services

Whether you need a simple “online business card” website or a full-blown platform to scale and drive your future marketing efforts, our web design team is ready to help you drive the exposure you need to move your business through your next clinical trial, partnership, or acquisition. 


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