We are your traffic and money generating machine.

Digital Elevator helps companies with SEO, content marketing, PPC, website design, brand building, and digital marketing. Our primary motive: make you filthy stinking rich.

Our Goal

Make our clients far more than they invest in us.

Who We Work with

Digital Elevator works with high growth companies who are interested in long term relationships and building sustainable brands. We work with SMBs, SMEs, and large enterprise clients in a few carefully selected verticals we are passionate about. 

We work with business owners, marketing directors or teams, and other marketing companies.

What to Expect Working with Us

We think marketing is fun and selfishly agree with the quote “Advertising is the greatest art form of the 20th century.” — Marshall McLuhan. As such, expect a team of lighthearted marketers who care as much about client results as the client themselves. 

We are all about process over here. For SEO or content marketing, expect a well laid out plan based on a 12-month deliverables calendar. We manage all communication through project management software and have spreadsheets for everything – link building, content calendar, keyword research, website audits, website builds, etc. 

We love a good GIF so if you find yourself on our Skype network, prepare for copious Honey Boo Boo, Minions, and Angry Birds GIFs to help you get through your day.

Digital Elevator Case Studies

Read how Digital Elevator helped our clients maximize their industry market share.

Digital Elevator Case Studies

Read how Digital Elevator helped our clients maximize their industry market share.


Fitness Ecommerce Company Grows Revenues by 350%

Healthcare Marketing Case Study: Landing Page Consulting & Content Marketing for 6th Biggest Company in US

Food Distribution SEO Case Study: Cheney Brothers

How We Helped THC Physicians Increase Lead Generation in the Medical Marijuana Doctor Space 

Local SEO for Niche Real Estate Company LiveWPB

Startup Launches and Gets Acquired in Under Two Years

SEO SaaS Case Study: Small Business Takes on Corporate Juggernauts

Home Decor Daily Deals Site Content Marketing Case Study

Ecommerce Content Marketing for Hybrid Battery Company sees 900% Organic Traffic Growth

PPC for Construction Company Provides 900% ROI in 3 Months

Large WordPress Ecommerce Site for CBD Company Hemp Healthy

McCranels Orthodontics Client Success Story

Custom Marijuana Business Directory Website on WordPress

Startup Launches and Gets Acquired in Under Two Years

Ecommerce Content Marketing for Hybrid Battery Company sees 900% Organic Traffic Growth

Giving Back

We’ve made it a point to give back to select non-profit causes that pull on our heart strings.

Feed Palm Beach County Day is spearheaded by Digital Elevator CEO’s father, Tony Lofaso, and the West Palm Beach Rotary Club Charity Fund and Palm Beach County Food Bank. This event is aimed at helping to feed the over 157,000 Palm Beach County residents that depend on federal food assistance for daily sustenance. Our collective efforts combine to package nearly 100,000 meals.

Digital Elevator Senior Team

Daniel Lofaso


Robert A. Hatch, Chief Technology Officer, Digital Elevator

Rob Hatch


Dávid Veibl

Sr. Growth Strategist

Jacob Hatch


Jen Spicola

Content Marketing Specialist

Eben SteenKamp

SEO Specialist


Chief Snuggle Officer

Featured articles in:


Daniel E. Lofaso

President & Founder

Lofaso has been featured in these fine publications:


Daniel started Digital Elevator for the same reason many entrepreneurs start companies: because they believe they can do a better job for their clients than their previous bosses.

He loves SEO and content marketing, and thinks he is famous for getting published in Search Engine Journal (although we all know he paid for it).

In his free time he travels the globe on surf trips, makes mean bacon-wrapped onion rings, plays guitar for his lovely wife Natalie, and has deep debate’s with his bernedoodle Remy.

Daniel previously served on the Board of Directors of Palm Beach Tech and the Palm Beach County Surf History Project.

Rob Hatch

Chief Creative Officer

Robert A. Hatch, Chief Technology Officer, Digital Elevator

Rob is an experienced web-developer with a marketing and advertising bent. Hatch has helped bring several brands to market in various verticals. He brings a strong graphic design eye and a professional communication skill set to the Digital Elevator team. His in-depth studies in design and branding help our client’s online presence develop into industry leading spaces.

Rob makes the meanest brisket, ask anyone who's had it and they will tell you that it's unparalleled, sophisticated, and the best thing that ever hit their taste-bud pallet.

Dávid Veibl

PPC Manager

David is an SEO and PPC campaign manager with a knack for all things technical. He has plenty of experience with digital campaigns, having spent years in SEO and PPC roles. David manages campaigns from start to finish and enjoys building leadgen funnels and ecommerce campaigns.

When not working in his office near Budapest, Hungary, he loves to spend time with his family, his wife, and two daughters. Also a bookworm with a weakness for classic sci-fi novels.

Jacob 'Cub' Hatch

Junior Developer

Hatch graduated from The High School for Construction Trades, Engineering, and Architecture in Queens, NY and had the opportunity to be a part of many groups and organizations that helped him grow professionally and socially.

Hatch is pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Texas at Dallas.

In his free time, he enjoys learning about the Arts and technology, spending time with his family and friends, and pursuing his love of music through playing guitar.

Jen Spicola

Content Marketing Specialist

Jen is a Content Marketing Specialist with all-around expertise in inbound marketing. She has over a decade of experience in digital marketing and specializes in curating compelling content based on precise SEO strategy.

When she’s not working in her office in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida, you can find her at the beach defeating everyone in cornhole, or binging The Office for the 274th time…this year.

Eben Steemkamp

SEO Specialist

Eben is an SEO Specialist with a diverse skillset that allows him to gain insight into the finer details of marketing strategy (the Force is strong with this one). He has a passion for seeing growth in businesses and helping them improve their online visibility.

When he is not championing growth, he loves gardening, spearfishing, and beach days with his two young kiddies on his native South African coast. He loves his comics and is true to the force of geekdom (sometimes very passionately… Horses on a Star Destroyer, I mean seriously!!)


Chief Snuggle Officer

Remy is quite possibly the happiest pup on the planet and loves a good snuggle. 

You know she likes you when she gives you a huge bernedoodle hug and digs her velociraptor-like claws into your back fat and leaves permanent scars.  

She likes fruits and vegetables more than any dog should, but most of all she just wants you to acknowledge her presence by petting her 24 hours a day.

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