51 Best Biotech Websites in 2024

Last Updated on April 29, 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive round-up of the 51 best biotech websites of the year! In this blog post, we delve into the dynamic world of biotechnology to showcase the most innovative, user-friendly, and visually stunning websites that are setting new standards in the industry. From cutting-edge research institutions to forward-thinking biotech companies, these websites have been carefully curated to highlight their exceptional designs, intuitive navigation, and informative content. Our biotech web design agency has built a few of the sites on this list so if you are looking for a partner for your next website project, contact us today.

51. Amgen:

Amgen's website was well-designed, providing visitors with easy access to information about the company's focus on biotechnology and its breakthrough therapies in various disease areas, particularly oncology and bone health. They have colors that are easy on the eyes, as well as dynamic elements that help the owners seem more relatable and personable.

50. AstraZeneca:

AstraZeneca's website presented a comprehensive view of the company's diverse portfolio, covering therapeutic areas such as oncology, cardiovascular, respiratory, and more. They have a lot of custom, unique imagery, making their website very appealing. 

49. Biomeriux

The Biomerieux website presents a sleek and user-friendly design, seamlessly blending sophistication with functionality. Intuitive navigation guides visitors through a seamless exploration of Biomerieux's diagnostic products and services. 

48. Illumina

Illumina's website highlighted its leadership in genomics and DNA sequencing technologies, playing a significant role in advancing precision medicine. They have a very straightforward design, making it easy for you to find whatever you are looking for on the site.

47. ThermoFisher Scientific: 

Thermo Fisher Scientific's website offers an informative platform, showcasing its contributions to life sciences and healthcare research through its wide range of products and services. Their layout is an all-in-one home page where you can find everything from products to news within a few scrolls. 

46. ParseBiosciences

The Parse Biosciences website impresses with a modern design focused on single-cell sales at any scale. Its clean layout and high-quality images showcase innovation, while insightful on-site graphs provide detailed information. Custom graphics enhance the user experience, making exploration of Parse Biosciences' offerings both seamless and visually engaging.

45. Novartis

Novartis' website features a user-friendly interface with clear navigation, showcasing the company's commitment to transforming patients' lives through innovative medicines and cutting-edge research. 

44. Tome Biosciences 

The Tome Biosciences website captivates with a unique and user-friendly design, where navigation involves an engaging drag-and-explore feature. The on-site custom graphics and intuitive navigation create an immersive user experience, making exploration of Tome Biosciences genomics products and services both visually engaging and seamlessly interactive.

43. OpenClinica 

The OpenClinica website stands out for its concise and effective writing, providing clear information about clinical trial solutions. The website's clean design, coupled with high-quality graphics, reflects a commitment to visual clarity and professionalism. OpenClinica's use of custom graphics enhances the user experience, ensuring that visitors can easily comprehend and navigate through their comprehensive clinical trial offerings.

42. Neurocrine Biosciences:

 Neurocrine Biosciences' website features its commitment to neuroscience and its focus on developing therapies for neurological and endocrine-related disorders. Their animations add high-quality visuals to the page and make going through the website much more engaging. 

41. McKesson:

Mckesson's website features a sleek and intuitive design with custom graphics, providing easy access to their diverse healthcare solutions and services. Visitors can explore their commitment to improving patient care, optimizing operations, and advancing healthcare through innovative technologies and industry expertise. Their website is similar to their company, they aren't the flashiest, but they pack a punch in a big way that makes big impacts.

40. Bluebirdbio:

Bluebird Bio's website emphasizes its pioneering work in gene therapy, particularly for severe genetic disorders, with a commitment to transforming patients' lives. There is comfort and diversity through their use of images and font choices.

39. Alnylam:

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals' website highlights its leadership in RNA interference (RNAi) therapeutics, targeting the root cause of genetic diseases. They have tons of custom graphic designs that elevate the user experience on the site. Small designs often go unnoticed but elevate a website to the next level.

38. Biogen:

Biogen's website stands out with its user-centric approach, featuring interactive tools, patient resources, and engaging stories of individuals benefiting from their therapies. They have a very basic yet convincing video that can show their entire message all in the facial expressions of the main protagonist.

37. Novita:

Novita has an aesthetically polished and informative website dedicated to advancing the fight against cancer, offering comprehensive insights into cutting-edge research and efforts to find a cure. Their graphics are great. They have 3D animations, aspects of the page that move in and out as you scroll, slightly varying shades of blue to distinguish information, and more. Novita does a great job at making a “simple” website look elegant.

36. Genentech

Genentech's website is praised for its clean design, intuitive navigation, and informative content that highlights its groundbreaking research and biotech advancements. Their approach to graphic design is unique and it makes them stand out amongst competitors. They have a  cartoonish, minority-centric style that is genuinely one of a kind.

35. Allay Therapeutics

The Allay Therapeutics website uniquely expresses support for patients throughout their recovery process by incorporating moons as a symbolic design element. This thoughtful touch, along with custom graphics across the site, creates a visually engaging experience.

34. Sanofi:

Sanofi's website offers comprehensive information about the company's commitment to global healthcare, spanning areas like vaccines, rare diseases, and diabetes management. Their website is very clean and has a variety of content to consume on the homepage alone. From videos to links to blogs to potential partnerships. They cover all of their bases without making the home page overwhelming.

33. Reflexion 

The Reflexion website makes a dynamic impact with its unique design, featuring elements dynamically converging at the center upon page load. This captivating visual effect sets the stage for a compelling storytelling experience, emphasizing the brand's dedication to fighting cancer.

32. Regeneron:

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals' website is informative and user-friendly, highlighting its focus on research and development of innovative monoclonal antibody therapies for various diseases. Their unique color palettes and dynamic animations make the website very stimulating and enjoyable to look through. 

31. Agilent

Agilent Technologies' website showcases its broad range of life science and analytical instruments, contributing to advancements in scientific research and diagnostics. They do a very nice job at displaying all of their work in highlights on their page, allowing for easy access to information.

30. PhoenixBio

The PhoenixBio website makes a dynamic impact with graphics that are constantly in motion, creating an engaging visual experience. The site's basic yet effective custom graphics play a crucial role in simplifying complex scientific concepts, ensuring a clear understanding for visitors. This combination of motion graphics and simple yet effective visuals reflects PhoenixBio's commitment to providing an accessible and visually compelling platform for understanding intricate scientific information.

29. Emergent BioSolutions

Emergent BioSolutions' website showcases its expertise in medical countermeasures, with a focus on vaccines and treatments for public health threats. Their website is very to the point which is very useful for a brand like this one that has one main goal. Their slogan gives us an idea of who they are, and having it multiple times on the home page allows users to associate the brand with those values.

28. Intellia Therapeutics  

Intellia Therapeutics' website emphasizes its CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology and its potential to revolutionize medicine. This website does a great job of using their research as subtle graphics. Most of their website has accents of DNA structures which are very subtle and different from any other company so far on this list. 

27. Cancer Research & Treatment Fund, Inc. (CR&T) 

 The Cancer Research & Treatment Fund's website offers a clean and user-friendly design, enabling visitors to learn about their impactful efforts in advancing cancer research and treatment. With easy navigation, social proof, and engaging content, the site showcases its commitment to funding groundbreaking studies and providing support to those affected by cancer.

26. Inventia 

The Inventia website excels in maintaining a seamless connection between its color palette and product aesthetics. This cohesive approach enhances the overall visual experience, conveying a sense of unity and attention to detail.

25. Roche

Roche's website showcases a modern and informative platform, providing visitors with insights into the company's diverse portfolio of diagnostic products and biopharmaceuticals, with a special focus on oncology. Their website is interactive and constantly changing as you scroll through it, providing a refreshing user experience throughout.

24. AtaraBio

Atara Biotherapeutics' website showcases its focus on T-cell immunotherapy for patients with cancer and autoimmune diseases. Their website's color scheme is very unique and it also aligns with the custom graphics that they have on the sides. The website was clearly very well thought out.

23. Incyte:

Incyte's website showcases its focus on oncology and its commitment to developing targeted therapies for a range of cancers. Their hero image is outstanding. It almost looks like a movie poster with how well it was put together.

22. Mattek

Mattek's website showcases a professional and informative design, emphasizing its expertise in providing cutting-edge in vitro tissue models for various research applications. With an easy-to-navigate layout, they also show lots of social proof as to why they can be trusted along with gorgeous graphics. 

21. Vertex:

Vertex Pharmaceuticals' website has a sleek design, emphasizing the company's groundbreaking work in cystic fibrosis treatments and its dedication to improving patients' lives. This website took their animation to the next level by having a video in the background of the words of their header. It is super sleek and aside from that, their entire website is easily traversable with engaging content throughout.

20. Moderna:

Moderna's website features a clean and modern design, showcasing the company's pioneering mRNA technology and its contributions to vaccine development, including its COVID-19 vaccine. Moderna does a great job of showing its presence by having a simple, yet extremely high-quality website with multiple infographics and dynamic pages.

19. Fujifilm

The Fujifilm Cellular Dynamics website exudes professionalism through the attire of their team, and the language that is used on the home screen. The site's design features custom graphics that effectively categorize various applications, showcasing a commitment to clarity and precision in their work. 

18. Neuralink 

The Neuralink website delivers a cutting-edge experience, particularly in the implant and surgical robot section where scrolling down dynamically reveals different sections of the implant with brief descriptions of what that piece is there for. This innovative approach enhances user engagement, allowing visitors to explore and understand the intricacies of Neuralink's technology seamlessly.

17. Qureator

Qureators website has beautiful custom graphics and a central color scheme that is easy on the users' eyes. They use their dynamic pop-ups to make information easily accessible and easy to understand. You can instantly tell what their company is about within a few seconds.

16. Biotechne:

Bio-Techne's website highlights its broad portfolio of life science research tools, including reagents, proteins, and diagnostics. Their custom images and easy-to-navigate pages make for a powerful site that can easily get you the information you are looking for. 

15. Abbvie

AbbVie's website provides visitors with insights into its diverse portfolio of pharmaceutical products, with a strong focus on research and development for various therapeutic areas. They have a beautiful video in the background of the site and dynamic pages that keep you engaged throughout. 

14. VintaBio

The VintaBio website impresses with a blend of custom graphics and dynamic images, creating an engaging visual experience. The site prominently features their team, adding a personal touch and highlighting the expertise behind their work. With a focus on custom graphics, dynamic visuals, and team presentation, VintaBio's website not only communicates professionalism but also provides an insightful and visually appealing journey for visitors interested in their innovative bioinformatics solutions.

13. Be Biopharma

The Be Biopharma website stands out with its constantly changing images at the top, ensuring a dynamic and fresh experience for visitors. The consistency of their color palette is a notable feature, extending seamlessly from the website's design to the graphics and hues.


12. Nodexus

The Nodexus website catches attention with its moving background, creating a visually engaging and interactive experience. The site's use of custom, color-coded graphics further enhances its appeal, providing a clear and organized presentation of information. 

11. Akouos

Akouos excels at providing a user-friendly website with clear and engaging content about gene therapies for hearing loss, updated with the latest research and clinical trial information. Their website is also very uniform, with the same few colors used throughout, making everything seem together as one which makes it easy for the eyes to navigate through.

10. Totus Medicines

The Totus Medicines website features constantly moving backgrounds across pages, adding a dynamic and visually captivating element to the user experience. Additionally, the site effortlessly incorporates social proof, seamlessly integrating testimonials and reviews, establishing trust and credibility. 

9. Wild:

Wild’s dynamic website provides an effortless feel that carries the perfect balance between simple and cutting-edge. Although they have limited colors and elements, the elements that they have are very powerful and engaging, and the colors are very easy on the eyes. These two factors provide an extremely easy user experience which should be every website's first goal.

8. Qiagen:

Qiagen's website features its expertise in molecular diagnostics and sample technologies, contributing to advancements in life science research and healthcare. Their website is easy to navigate and visually appealing. Simple and to the point, yet custom enough to stand out amongst others. 

7. Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association

The PPTA Global website offers a unique experience, almost embodying the essence of plasma itself. The moving plasma animations and the loading screen resembling plasma contribute to a cohesive and uniform feel throughout the site. The clean navigation bar enhances the user experience, allowing seamless movement and easy access to information. 

6. Ironshore Pharma:

Ironshore Pharma's website impresses with its stunning, custom graphic design and user-friendly layout, effectively conveying its mission to enhance patient lives through innovative, patient-focused treatment options. Visitors can easily navigate through their ideals, reflecting a commitment to improving healthcare outcomes for patients and caregivers alike. They do what all of the best websites on this list have done but in unison. They have animations, custom graphics, video backgrounds, dynamic elements, etc. They went all out and shows.

5. Armra: 

Armra is an exceptional website that offers a range of positive features for users. Firstly, its sleek and modern design creates an inviting and user-friendly interface. Visitors can easily navigate the site to explore the various services and products offered. With it having endless custom graphics and being the only e-com website on this list, they do a great job at standing out and making their science-based product, still accessible and understandable to the common person.

4. Kingdom SuperCultures:  

Kingdom Super Cultures' website showcases a professional and informative design, reflecting their dedication to innovative microbiome solutions. With user-friendly navigation and gorgeous custom graphics, it is easy to get lost in just how beautiful their site looks.

3. Cambrianbio:

With the Cambrian Bios website, navigating the website is effortless due to the well-organized menu and intuitive user interface. Their custom graphics go a long way to show the user that they care about quality and simplicity. Their color gradients are very appealing and it is what allows them to compete in the top 10, without necessarily having too many cutting-edge animations. They are unique and stand out based on their quality.

2. SenseiBio:

SenseiBio has an extremely sleek custom graphic design setup that allows for ease of access to the information they are trying to convey. Upon clicking their website, users instantly are intrigued by the images and can easily find out their mission since it is at the top of the page. They do a great job of balancing everything on the page.

1. BioAge Labs

BioAge Labs' website boasts a sleek and modern design, reflecting their cutting-edge work in aging research and healthspan extension. With engaging content and user-friendly navigation, the site highlights its commitment to transforming the future of healthcare and improving the quality of life for individuals worldwide. The scrolling feels satisfying with their minimalistic yet futuristic design. They have minimum words to easily get across information, as well as gorgeous and dynamic 3D animations that move with you through the page. Every part of the website just feels clean.  

How We Chose the Best Biotech Websites

If it isn’t obvious already, this list is highly subjective. That said, our team has about 15 years of web design experience and we understand the challenges of designing a website based on navigation, user experience, user interface design, graphic design, content management, and storytelling. 

There was an intentional mix of corporate sites that are likely to be less design-heavy, and more cutting-edge sites (our favorite kinds!) that are able to take a bit more risk in their design. You’ll find the sites with the most attractive designs at the top spots, while the more conservative designs will be at the bottom of the list.

In case you’re wondering what to goes into the web design process, check out our guide on the topic. If you are looking for a reputable biotech web design company, reach out to us today!

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