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Company & Client Overview

Humidify is a startup company in the marijuana business directory space. Their goal was to build the “Yelp of marijuana directories” on the WordPress platform so Digital Elevator was brought in for both our expertise in the marijuana marketing space as well as the WordPress website development space.

The Challenge 


Humidify was a startup from the ground up and needed an entire suite of branding and digital marketing services and consulting. The site also involved a lot of moving parts -- business listings, ecommerce, advertising, content management, and more. Building a massive directory site with subsections for doctors and dispensaries required a lot of customization on the backend to automate some of the processing as well.


Digital Elevator went all in on this project and helped Humidify understand the right way to build a site of this size while still remaining SEO-friendly and putting the user experience first. We helped design the logo, the layout of the site, the directory theme, the customization of importing databases, SEO strategies, and more.

Full Scope of Services


Website development

PHP and database management

Content marketing


SEO consulting

First Page, Location, Location, Location



Businesses Listed

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Organic Search

Traffic Increase


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"Digital Elevator is the perfect mix of SEO, web design, and graphic design for startups in the marijuana space. The industry is overly saturated and requires a long-term strategy based on soid on-page SEO, great UX, and an adapting advertising model. Dan and Rob delivered on every front and far exceeded our expectations."

Ernesto Essex


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