Biotech Paid Media Services

Paid media services for the biotech industry with a specialized focus on emerging biotech companies.

At Digital Elevator, we understand that advertising in the biotech industry can be challenging, especially for pharma companies that are subject to strict regulatory requirements. That's why our team of experts is uniquely familiar with the challenges associated with certain types of biotech ads and has experience navigating the regulatory landscape. 

We work closely with our clients to develop customized paid media strategies that are designed to deliver maximum business impact. Whether you need help getting patients to clinical trials, targeting physicians, or getting prescriptions filled, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your marketing goals in the biotech industry.

Paid Media Services Uniquely Catered for Emerging Biotech Companies

Whether you are emerging from stealth mode or are already well into clinical studies, our expertise and commitment to your outcome is paramount. Our paid media services can scale with your company based on your goals, budgets, and timeframes.  

Madison Avenue Services Without the Madison Avenue Price Tag

Unlike the “Madison Ave” agencies that pass on their overhead to their clients, our services are approachable and a welcome respite to the excessive rates the other guys charge.

Tim Branz

CIO | Ironshore Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

"Their in-house talent, expertise, attitude, engagement style, and creativity were second to none."

Our Approach to Biotech Paid Media

Digital advertising for biotech is subject to unique challenges that rarely impact other industries. For many biotech companies, this prevents them from entering into this channel altogether.

We are familiar with the restrictions set forth by the FDA, FTC, and the HIPAA and are accustomed to working with our clients’ legal and regulatory teams to review and interpret the respective governing guidance as they apply to their brands.

While emerging biotech companies are generally restricted from setting up new campaigns and launching them right away, the same roadblocks can work in your advantage as they allow you to get in front of audiences your competitors may be reluctant to invest in.

Biotech Paid Media Services

Programmatic ads

CTV ads

Native ads

Display ads

Google Ads

Social media ads

Scalable Paid Media Services

At Digital Elevator, we understand the importance of the valuable engagements and impressions that can be difficult to come by as it relates to the paid media space. That is why we work with clients to provide paid media services that comply with the ethical and compliant practices our clients need to drive the awareness they deserve.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help create a media plan for you.


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