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Company & Client Overview

Ironshore is a pharmaceutical company committed to the development and commercialization of first-in-class treatment options to improve the lives of patients and caregivers. A 2022 Prix Galien USA Best Pharmaceutical Agent nominee, the organization has been recognized for its scientific advances in life sciences.

The Challenge 


Ironshore had a very outdated website with difficult to update content, an aesthetic that was not representative of its corporate image, and a desire to find a cost-effective web partner who could also maintain the website going forward and tie in their existing software stack.

The pharmaceutical industry is challenged by compliance restrictions and approvals on any new or updated content. This meant that Ironshore needed a web partner who could react to updates, edits, or frequent changes in a timely manner without being overly cost-prohibitive.


Digital Elevator worked alongside an independent healthcare consultant who acted as a liaison between Ironshore’s website oversight team and our development team. We held various onboarding meetings to get an idea of the image they wanted to portray, who the key audience of the site should be, consulted on the mergers of their other brands, met and interviewed key stakeholders to understand the true identity of the brand, and invested a great deal of time reviewing existing content and graphic assets that we could potentially use in the reskin.

As with all our web design projects, we started with a sitemap, wireframe, and graphic design mockups to ensure approvals and team alignment was on the same page. The site would be built on WordPress to ensure simplicity of future edits as well as a secure hosting environment in which a staging could be established for compliance-related updates. 

One of our favorite content assets from the Ironshore side was an animated video that showcased the delivery of their technology through the stomach. This asset proved to be very highly-regarded and we all agreed that it would add a sophisticated, technology-driven look and feel to the website and provide a great first impression placed as a video in their hero section of the homepage.

In addition to building a beautiful corporate website the Ironshore team could be proud of, we also integrated the site with their CRM, created pages with career and investor content based on our recommendations, and installed ADA compliant software.

Full Scope of Services

Custom graphics

CRM integration

Key stakeholder interviews

FDA compliance

ADA compliance

Tim Branz
Tim Branz

Ironshore, CIO

The Digital Elevator Team is on my most trusted partners all-star list. They are an incredibly bright, capable, and easy to engage with group of professionals that rebuilt our existing website giving it the modern look and feel we needed, rich with valuable content. My endless thanks to TDE! Well done!

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