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Digital Elevator has been providing local SEO services in West Palm Beach for over 10 years and has established itself as a leader amongst local, and national, digital marketing companies.

We specialize in SEO for SMBs that want to innovate, create amazing content, drive traffic, visibility, and sales. Our SEO services are turn-key meaning we research, implement, and manage campaigns for our clients from beginning to end.

Our SEO Process

Our SEO process has worked to help 100s of clients succeed and will work for you too. While our process is tried and true, our SEO campaigns are 100% unique to your company and its offerings. In addition to reverse engineering the 200 Google algorithms to help sites rank, our West Palm Beach SEO clients come to trust us for helping them to build their brand.


During the planning process we get an understanding of your business, it’s goals, your website, and your path to success. We look for opportunities for quick wins, set the tone for expectations, and set up the processes needed to help manage your campaign in the right direction.


Like your doctor, we won’t “prescribe before we diagnose.” SEO research involves a technical SEO audit to determine how well your site is being indexed, a content audit to determine what content needs to be created and what can be kept/deleted/merged, keyword research to plan our content marketing efforts on, a competitive analysis, and a review of your analytics to help us create a long-term SEO strategy.

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One of the unique things about Digital Elevator is that we include development services in our management fees. If we create content, do keyword research, or find issues with your site, we’ll fix them or update them ourselves (with your permission). If you have an existing marketing team, we can work side-by-side them to fill in the areas that require outside expertise.


There is always something to work on in SEO: conversion rates, traffic, rankings, leads, user experience, etc. Using data and analytics from various software platforms, we can monitor these metrics and take actionable decisions to help the site make you more money.

Digital Elevator Case Studies

Read about how Digital Elevator helped our clients maximize their industry market share.

Digital Elevator Case Studies

Read how Digital Elevator helped our clients maximize their industry market share across SEO, website development, PPC, and content marketing.

OTT App Development Case Study: Doubled Leads & Get Acquired

Online Education Case Study: Built Digital Footprint & Gets Acquired

SEO SaaS Case Study: Small Business Takes on Corporate Juggernauts

MSP SEO Case Study

Alltek Services Dominates

Regional Rankings 

Automotive eCommerce Solutions SEO Case Study

OEM Bimmer Parts

Healthcare Website Case Study: New Brand Successfully Merges from 3

Auto Repair SEO Case Study-

Palm Beach Garage Drives

20k+ Pageviews Monthly

PPC for Construction Company Provides ~1,000% ROI in 3 Months

Ecommerce Content Marketing for Hybrid Battery Company sees 900% Organic Traffic Growth

Healthcare Marketing Case Study: Landing Page Consulting & Content Marketing for 6th Biggest Company in US

Startup Launches and Gets Acquired in Under Two Years

Fitness Ecommerce Company Grows Revenues by 350%

Food Distribution SEO Case Study: Cheney Brothers

How We Helped THC Physicians Increase Lead Generation in the Medical Marijuana Doctor Space 

Home Decor Daily Deals Site Content Marketing Case Study

Custom Business Directory Website on WordPress

Large WordPress Ecommerce Site on WooCommerce

Local SEO for Niche Real Estate Company LiveWPB

Orthodontist Website & SEO Client Success Story

Pharma Website Case Study

What SEO Services Do We Provide?

Digital Elevator can help with a number of SEO solutions:

Local, national, and ecommerce SEO

Turn-key SEO campaign management

SEO audit

Website architecture consulting

On-page SEO

Competitive analysis

Link audit

Link building

Content audit

Content marketing

Conversion rate optimization

Analytics setup

SEO consulting



How is Digital Elevator different from other SEO West Palm Beach agencies?

Digital Elevator provides Fortune 500 level SEO services at rates that SMBs can digest while providing Fortune 500 results. Plus, our team is composed of professionals who you will talk to directly. There are no newbie account managers here — you’ll have seamless communication with the guys and gals who are directly working to grow your business.

What size clients do you work with?

We work with clients of all sizes from solopreneurs to publicly-traded companies. Our clients understand that they’ll typically have 4-5 employees working on their campaigns and our prices will reflect that. If you have a $500/month marketing budget we’re probably not a good fit.

How does pricing work?

We break down project estimates by man-hour and charge accordingly. If you’d like to see a sample of what a Campaign Pricing Breakdown looks like for a sample SEO client, just let us know and we’ll show you how it works.

How do your contracts work?

We prefer to engage our clients with long-term contracts but also offer project-based services. 

How long does it take to get results?

Each campaign is different and there are a lot of factors that can determine success. Further, the “term” results are subjective. We’ll discuss this before we begin but generally we base results on things like traffic, keyword, and lead generation increases.

What is included in SEO services?

Digital Elevator provides a full gamut of SEO services for most contracts including: technical SEO; keyword research; on-page SEO; content marketing; off-page SEO; project management; reporting; and consulting.

What happened if I have an internal marketing team?

We work with a lot of internal marketing teams who already manage some of the services we offer. We don’t try to replace what is already working, we’ll just supplement the internal team in a way that works best for your company.

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