McCranels Orthodontics:

Providing Smiles By Straightening Up Website Design

Company & Client Overview

McCranels Orthodontics is a family-owned and operated orthodontics practice located in West Palm Beach, FL. A true athletic family, the father-son team is the only combination that has been inducted into the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame.

The Challenge 


Dr. Scott McCranels turned to Digital Elevator for a website rebuild as well as local search rankings, keeping in mind the current website rankings and need to expand on some of the services the practice was offering. Additionally, the site needed to reflect a specific culture, notably, that of the surfing pictures and surfboards that line the practice’s walls.


Dr. Scott,” a good friend of Digital Elevator owner Daniel Lofaso, had some ideas for his site, but weighed in on the expertise of Digital Elevator to create a site that worked to achieve the goal of driving more conversions. Lofaso recommended some upgrades that many dental sites lack – humanization.

Rather than close-ups of teeth or technical jargon, the Digital Elevator team recommended more pages of smiling kids and parents to showcase a family atmosphere. They also needed to bring home specific messaging about the practice’s 50 years’ experience, free consultation offerings, and an obvious call-to-action on the homepage that pushed people to contact the practice to schedule a consultation.

Additional items like patient forms, before and after pictures (full face as recommended by Lofaso rather than teeth close-ups), and more emphasis on their great patient reviews were also included. Lofaso also wanted to keep consistent with the surfing feel of the existing site, especially since both Orthodontists are avid surfers and their office is lined with surf paraphernalia.

Full Scope of Services

On-page SEO


Modern Page Design

SEO consulting

Graphic Design

“Digital Elevator has been a pleasure to work with.  Our goal was to make our site much more user friendly and provide information that our visitors could access quickly.  Digital Elevator worked hard to make sure that every detail was built into our site.”

Dr. Scott A. McCranels


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