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The design team at Digital Elevator has worked with big name corporations as well as local shops around the country. Our designs reflect the professional identity that our clients want to establish. We have created logos, graphics, websites, microsites, infographics and more to help our clients reach their branding goals.

Here are a few of our recent website projects.

Mobile Friendly Design: Fitness Mentors

Digital Elevator worked with the Fitness Mentor’s team to design, develop, and deploy a cross-platform website that introduced Fitness Mentors’ state-of-the-art personal training certification platform. Fitness Mentors, with Digital Elevator’s help, is now one of the top personal trainer resources in the world. Our strategy was to keep it simple by creating easy to use navigations, strong calls-to-action, as well as detailed SEO strategies.

Fitness Mentors is an e-commerce website where people can purchase personal training courses to aid in certification. Most buyers who visit Fitness Mentor’s website are there to do one of two things: search for specific training material, or take the coursework they’ve purchased.

The mobile website caters to both types of visitors from the very beginning. When you first go to their mobile website, you’re greeted with free resources, study guides, testimonials and much more. In light of Google’s recommendations, we designed this site for users, not search engines.

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The call-to-action (CTA) is a key element on a webpage, acting as a signpost that lets the user know exactly what to do next. Without a clear CTA, the user may be unclear as to the next steps to take to purchase a product or sign up for a newsletter, and is likely to leave the site without accomplishing your goal.

A CTA makes it clear which action to take next and helps remove friction in moving the user down the sales funnel. There can also be multiple calls-to-action on a page if there are multiple desired actions for the user to take.

Our client, Allocable, was bringing a new, vital SaaS to the market and they needed to share valuable information to their prospects through an informative video. We were commissioned to create an emotional readiness for prospects to engage.

We developed an initial video CTA to help familiarize visitors with the software, understanding visitors are more apt to watch a video than read through content. Next, we created a strong CTA of: ‘Request Invite,‘ as an offer that promotes exclusivity to their software. Allocable, with our guidance, has month-over-month increased their lead generation and continues to build generate interest in the product right when it matters most: in the first few seconds.

Brand Consistency: Castle Wealth

If your company has a logo that is utilized frequently in print materials (i.e. business cards, pamphlets, letterheads, etc.), then the logo, logo/brand colors, brand messaging and imagery used for print should be carried over into the website design. It is important for your customers to be able to recognize your brand in all forms of communication so they associate your brand position and promise with your business. Often, when the visual communication changes with a brand, it can cause customers to feel uncomfortable, which can cause them to create a negative association with your company.

Digital Elevator’s development team are designers and branding experts first. Each developer has a unique background, bringing marketing, graphic design, and an eye for user experience to the development table. We pride ourselves on taking your brand, matching it, and making your online presence synchronized with your offline.

From Concept: Area9 Learning

Sitemap Collaboration

We approach each project as a true collaboration in ideation — the process of creating new ideas. We offer our expertise and guidance whenever needed to ensure that the entire process is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Digital Elevator’s commitment to quality is with you from concept through to post-implementation so you can sleep well both during, and after, the development process.

Wireframe Collaboration

Digital Elevator’s goal is to make sure we document the necessary details to make a project functionally accurate in the wireframes we produce. However, it can be difficult to focus people on function instead of design. As such, we focus on producing wireframes that are quick to build and look good, but that aren’t over designed, so we can keep our audience focused on the functional specification. This process enables us to get feedback early on in the project by doing quick wireframes. One benefit of this wireframing process is that it helps set client expectations early in the process. The process also creates a detailed blueprint of how the system should behave to guide our programmers.

To Fulfillment:

Final Site Launch

And finally, we test the Internet-based systems we develop for browser compatibility, HTML syntax and CSS validation, and functional operation and accuracy. Each of these different test areas enable Digital Elevator to ensure that the systems we develop are bug-free, meet client expectations and fulfill end users’ functional and aesthetic needs.

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