Biotech PR Services

PR services for the biotech industry with a specialized focus on emerging biotech companies.

Digital Elevator specializes in delivering targeted PR strategies that effectively communicate your biotech company's value proposition to a diverse range of stakeholders. Our team of experts understands the critical role of investors, healthcare professionals, partners, advocates, influencers, and patients in the biotech industry.

With our PR services, we help you build a positive reputation, establish credibility, and improve brand recognition among these key audiences. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results and are committed to creating customized solutions that meet your unique needs.

PR Uniquely Catered for Emerging Biotech Companies

Whether you are emerging from stealth mode, announcing a Series A or B funding round, or are already well into clinical studies, our expertise and commitment to your outcome is paramount. Our PR services can scale with your company based on your goals, budgets, and timeframes.  

Madison Avenue Services Without the Madison Avenue Price Tag

Unlike the “Madison Ave” agencies that pass on their overhead to their clients, our services are approachable and a welcome respite to the excessive rates the other guys charge.

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Tim Branz


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Their in-house talent, expertise, attitude, engagement style, and creativity were second to none.

Our Approach to Biotech PR

At Digital Elevator, we firmly believe that a tailored approach is essential for a successful PR campaign. Every public relations strategy we develop is customized to meet the unique needs of our clients, and it is an integral component of our comprehensive program. Following strategy development, we focus on campaign execution, with media relations playing a significant role in our approach. 

At Digital Elevator, we recognize that building strong relationships with the media and leveraging creativity are two of our greatest assets, and we utilize both to help our clients achieve their PR goals.

Biotech Public Relations Services

Public relations strategy

Earned media placements

Media relationship management

Message development


Press release creation

Thought leadership outreach

Trade show pitching

Award submissions

Scalable PR Services

Other PR companies provide services for “one-off” projects, but at Digital Elevator, we take a more comprehensive approach by examining your overall strategy and the various disciplines you prioritize. By establishing consistency in your brand and messaging, we enable you and your partners/customers to optimize its effectiveness, fostering trust at its core. 

We believe that long-term customer and brand relationships are developed through necessity, trust, and accessibility, and we strive to address these three essential relationship challenges in all aspects of our work.

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