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Make your ad spend more efficient and more effective with streamlined programmatic advertising services from Digital Elevator.

With automated ad buying, placement, and optimization processes, we can create intelligent ad campaigns that are personalized based on your end-consumer interests and behaviors.





Who are Digital Elevator Programmatic Media Buying Services for? 

Our programmatic media buying services are for marketers who want to increase the confidence in which their ad spend is utilized. As a complimentary service to more traditional paid advertising options, programmatic ad buying is taking a greater share of digital display ad spending due to the benefits it affords.

Benefits of Programmatic Advertising:

Allows marketers to make data-driven decisions

Removes the guesswork from the ad buying process

Better targeting utilizing different tactics and devices in real-time

Simplified visualization of campaign data

Highly personalized ads based on unique consumer demographics

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When it comes to programmatic and all things digital marketing, there is no one I trust more than the team at Digital Elevator.

Why Trust Digital Elevator for Programmatic Advertising Services?

Forward thinking marketers ask for the same things:

Omni-channel approaches that enable consumer journeys

Meaningful technology that can facilitate journey-based communications

Deliver insights that power future decisions while minimizing waste

Validation that investment continually improves and is having impact

Targeting strategies

1st-Party Targeting

3rd-Party Targeting

Page Context AI

Browsing Audience

Curated Site List/PMP

Lookalike Audiences

Dynamic Retargeting

B2B/ISP Targeting

Geo Radius Targeting

What Is Programmatic Advertising & How Does It Work?

Programmatic advertising is the automated process of buying and selling digital ads.

How Programmatic Advertising Works

Programmatic advertising involves two sides: publishers and advertisers.

Publishers are the party with websites and digital properties who have ad space to sell to advertisers. Advertisers are the party that wishes to buy that ad space based on specific demographics of the publisher party.

When an advertiser, such as a programmatic advertising client working with Digital Elevator, wishes to promote their product or service with a very specific audience, they utilize our relationships with ad platforms, called demand-side platforms (DSP), to automate the process of buying ad space.

Programmatic Demographic Targeting

Because the DSP has relationships with numerous publishers, we can confidently launch ad campaigns that utilize audience data through what are called data management platforms (DMP).

We can target consumers by some of these popular interests:





Time of day



And more!

With the above data, we can efficiently target consumers with the right message at the right time whenever they land on publisher websites. Computers and algorithms help automate the process of advertising and placement in real-time through a bidding process based on impressions. The impression data is what dictates the price, which is based on a cost per mille (CPM) model. 

The good news is that programmatic advertising tends to be cheaper than social media advertising and offers a better ROI based on the laser-focused targeting it allows.


What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the automated process of buying and selling digital ads.

How much does programmatic advertising cost?

The cost of programmatic advertising varies depending on the complexity of targeting. The type of industry, device, ad format, and ad placement all factor into the overall costs. The ROAS also should come into the equation as does customer LTV and the goals of your campaign. Finally, you have to consider the management fee of your campaign along with the above.

Do you have ad spend minimums for your programmatic advertising campaigns?

We don't have ad spend minimums for our programmatic campaigns like many agencies or DSPs. If you are interested in programmatic we'll discuss your budget and goals with you to see if programmatic makes sense from a ROAS perspective.

What does your programmatic onboarding process look like?

We have a streamlined process of onboarding clients for programmatic advertising. First, we schedule a discovery call with you to discuss goals and shape the strategic direction. Next, we’ll present a media plan for your approval. Once approved, we setup the campaign and launch it. Once launched, we provide reporting and ongoing optimizations to increase ROI.

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