How We Helped an Online Education Firm Develop a Digital Footprint & Get Acquired

Company & Client Overview

Area9 Learning is an adaptive learning company that works closely with publishers, educators, and corporations to provide personalized learning experiences based on cutting edge science and technologies.  

The Challenge 


When Area9 approached Digital Elevator for assistance, they needed a partner that was well-versed in several areas of digital marketing that they had not yet invested in, but knew they wanted to make a push towards. In addition to a lackluster, information-thin website, Area9 also wanted to increase lead generation of specific buyer personas, namely Chief Learning Officers of leading international corporations.


The initial kickoff of the campaign sought to marry the existing assets of the company – a popular whitepaper and videos on adaptive learning – and the website. Digital Elevator setup LinkedIn and Facebook PPC campaigns to drive brand awareness as well as whitepaper downloads. These leads were then funneled through a custom-built landing page, through their CRM, then to an automated email welcome series to familiarize them with the brand, provide value, and push the leads towards meetings with the sales team.

While this campaign was running and effectively creating new leads, Digital Elevator and Area9 were collectively working on a new website project. We helped ideate the necessary content based on keyword research and user experience, as well as established a new website sitemap to help educate while driving visitors down a sales funnel.

We then created all the new website pages and helped design a new WordPress website for their team to finalize.

Full Scope of Services

Website development

Content marketing


Email marketing

CRM integration

Strategic consulting

Full Acquisition


Area9 was acquired by McGraw-Hill, one of the biggest players in the online education space. During the time we worked together we managed to help them stand up a fully integrated digital marketing strategy and accomplish a sales funnel that saw them get qualified leads for under $100 each.

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