Healthcare SEO Case Study: Small Business Scales to Acquire Two Competitors

Company & Client Overview

DuvaSawko is an emergency physician owned and operated Coding, Billing, Accounts Receivable and Practice Management Company. With headquarters located in Ormond Beach, Florida, DuvaSawko works with emergency medicine practices across the US.

The Challenge 


DuvaSawko provides similar SaaS (software as a service) medical billing software as some other major players in the space, however within a specific vertical focused only on emergency medicine practioners. The company came to Digital Elevator for help with rankings, brand awareness, and some website development. As with most of our campaigns, our focus was content marketing.


DuvaSawko came to us with essentially zero prior SEO, meaning we had to start from the beginning with SEO basics such as on-page optimization, sitemap creation and submittal, and a focused content marketing campaign to help rank each of their various sub-services under the Revenue Cycle Management space.

We also created an entire new website presence for them, providing lots of user research into color schemes, content types, buyer personas, and effective conversion rate optimization channels.

To help draw leads in a marketplace that historically has an extended brand awareness to lead to sale cycle (around a year), we created downloadable assets such as white papers and revenue calculators, setup landing pages, and created focused LinkedIn PPC campaigns. Then, we placed these warm leads on DuvaSawko’s automated email nurture campaign and pushed them down the sales cycle. Finally, all the work we do ties into DuvaSawko’s CRM, which we help manage and automate.

Making it All Work


DuvaSawko was nowhere to be seen in the search engine results pages (SERPs) before we came on, and now ranks well for searches related to emergency medicine revenue cycle management. Along with their digital marketing team, we helped ideate, build and scale a digital marketing strategy that has seen them become a top player in a competitive space.

As a result of their success, DuvaSawko worked with a private equity group to acquire two competitors and have merged the companies together to expand the service offerings. We were also involved in the consultation of the digital aspects of this merger as well.

Full Scope of Services

Website design

White papers




CRM automation

Acquistion of two competitors and successful owner exit

Successful exit for undisclosed amount

"We're a niche business and most of our sales take 3–6 months, so it was important to deliver the right content to our prospective clients. Digital Elevator positioned us as subject matter experts in the industry, and creates high-ranking content regularly. They're highly skilled at positioning the client as an expert within its industry. They brought fresh perspectives and offered valuable feedback, remaining personable and responsive all the way."

Christopher Morrison

VP of Marketing & Sales Operations

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