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Company & Client Overview

Fitness Mentors is a personal trainer education site that provides aspiring personal trainers and existing trainers educational materials that help them pass certification exams for major companies like NASM, ACE and more recently, their own suite of internal education products. As a small e-commerce-based business with competitors ranging from international corporations to hugely popular blogging sites, Fitness Mentors has stood out as a leading provider of the most comprehensive suite of educational materials on the market.

Fitness Mentors owner Eddie Lester knew he had a premium product before he teamed with Digital Elevator, but knew he lacked the website and high-level SEO campaign he needed to compete and achieve his goals.

The Challenge 


Fitness Mentors runs a Learning Management System (LMS) for their educational materials yet needs to build enough trust from website visitors to sell products for studying for certification exams. Digital Elevator has played an integral part in the ongoing SEO efforts of Fitness Mentors, and has been working directly with the CEO for over five years. In that timeframe, the site has evolved from exclusive third-party study materials to a suite of Fitness Mentors’ very own personal training certification products. 

The challenge with an ever-evolving and growing brand is creating traffic and demand for all the different products and continuing to evolve the lead pipelines the company has in place. It also requires a great deal of analytics interpretation to make actionable decisions based on. 

An additional element of the digital marketing we helped with was the design. The site’s design needed to evolve along with the offerings of the client and shift away from third-party study guides as the sole emphasis to proprietary Fitness Mentors products. This design update also needed to ensure that the sales earned from these old products were maintained at the same time we grew sales of new products. 


WordPress Web Design

As mentioned, the Fitness Mentors suite of products is constantly evolving. The emphasis of the brand changed to its own suite of products and the design needed to be updated to reflect that as well. The site was quite large the second time we rebuilt it -- nearly 200 pages -- and required a lot of attention to detail on the lead funnels we’d built out already. For example, each product has a unique offer that is funneled through a unique, segmented email marketing nurture campaign. With five different parent products, we had to ensure every supporting page, blog, or resource somehow connected into the appropriate funnel as part of the site’s design.

SEO & Content Marketing currently gets well over 100,000 visits each month. Most of these visits are to the site’s various blogs. Some of these well-researched, long-form blog topics drive over 10,000 visits each. Each blog has been created to do three things really well:

  1. Focus on a high volume keyword and numerous long-tail keywords
  2. Be within the rankings scope of the site based on its inherent domain authority
  3. Be related to one of the products the company sells

The static service pages also require a lot of attention in terms of selling features and benefits, targeting keywords, and converting visitors into the sales funnel or as sales.


The success of Fitness Mentors was built mostly on the back of SEO and organic traffic. We’ve recently rolled out a few PPC campaigns to target specific products and to retarget visitors who did not purchase a product. We are constantly testing conversions across Google and Facebook/Instagram to determine the best messaging, conversion rates, and cost per acquisition for each platform. Because Fitness Mentors does not have the brand recognition of some of its competitors, we have to be more creative with our targeting and often test more strategies than normal.

Full Scope of Services

Graphic Design

Web Development

On-page SEO

Off-page SEO

Conversion rate optimization


Email Marketing

SEO consulting

PPC: Google Search, Display, retargeting; Facebook/Instagram ads, retargeting

Gains Aren’t Only for the Gym!


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"I hit the jackpot when I hired Digital Elevator for their SEO services.  Daniel [from DE] is truly a Search Engine Optimization expert. His communication and responsiveness are impeccable and his work ethic far exceeds expectation. Since beginning with Digital Elevator, my revenue doubled in two months, which easily covers the cost of the monthly service. My knowledge of business development and SEO has exponentially expanded, and their ability to explain what we are doing and why has been a great educational experience. I would highly recommend all businesses to utilize Digital Elevator."

Eddie Lester


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