How We Helped an OTT App Development Company Double Leads & Get Acquired 

Company & Client Overview

Float Left Interactive provides TV application solutions for the world’s leading media broadcasters and content publishers.

Digital Elevator was brought in alongside Float Left marketing partner Perfect to provide digital marketing services and consulting.

The Challenge 


Float Left Interactive indicated that they’d like to benefit from more qualified leads that will be attracted through the SEO process. These leads – the technical or product managers of larger media houses – are generally difficult to market to and thus need very specific targeting.

When Digital Elevator came on board, Float Left had a bit of organic rankings but had an increasing amount of competitors who were aggressively investing in SEO and taking market share. The website was also suffering from mediocre traffic, low engagement, and weak brand awareness.


While the Perfect marketing team worked hand-in-hand on branding assets and buyer persona research, Digital Elevator employed several content marketing strategies. These included the keyword optimized research and buildout of Float Left’s solutions as well as the creation of a skyscraper asset which doubled as a linkable website asset and downloadable lead generation asset.

Additionally, Digital Elevator provided custom analytics setup and reporting, a technical website audit, sitemap recommendations, aggressive link building, and consulting. We setup LinkedIn PPC campaigns to attract their ideal buyer persona and helped fill their sales funnel with qualified leads within three months after campaign launch.

Full Scope of Services


Content marketing


Email marketing


Strategic consulting

Doubling of Leads & Eventual Full Acquisition 

Float Left was soon acquired by iMedia Brands, a global interactive media company that manages a growing portfolio of niche, lifestyle television networks and web service businesses. The collective work of Perfect and Digital Elevator helped the brand develop a full corporate presence, establish thought leadership, and fill their CRM by double the amount of qualified leads after an aggressively marketed 3-month engagement. 

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