26 Best Content Marketing Tips of 2024

Last Updated on May 23, 2024

You’d probably agree that content marketing can help build trust and credibility within your industry.

However, this only happens when your content strategy is aligned with what your target audience wants to hear.

To gain more insight into what other content marketers are doing to engage with their audience effectively, I’ve asked a slew of professionals from different industries what their best content marketing tips for 2022 are. 

Check out the wealth of information below and see if you can incorporate some of these ideas into your next piece of content.

Promote user-generated content

Not all of the content in your content marketing strategy, in my opinion, has to come from you. For various reasons, user-generated content is an effective marketing strategy. For starters, it provides social proof to new learners who are discovering the topic, letting them know that they aren't the only ones who are interested in what you're teaching, and it allows them to evaluate the outcomes of previous classes. Second, it's much easier to share. The person who developed their material is more likely to promote and share your article highlighting them with their online connections, who are also more likely to like, comment, and repost it, resulting in far higher organic results than if you had created it yourself.

Ryan Dalal
CEO & Founder 
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Dan’s Take
To get user-generated content try an outlet like Help a Reporter Out (HARO) where you can create queries in which relevant parties can respond. You can then use this information to create meaningful content that comes from the perspective of other credible sources (hint: sort of like the piece you are reading now!)

Understand search intent

It is 2022 and Google is getting more sophisticated with every update so the demands on content increase. One of the most common mistakes I see is that writers and content marketers don't understand the searcher intent. This may result in 2 issues - you focus on wrong KWs (that drive you traffic and not sales), or badly written content that cannot rank.

A lot of people are looking for a magical formula on how to write content that ranks. But they often forget that people are just looking for information for their queries. So before you start writing, ask yourself a few questions.

  • Who is my content for? What is the search intent?
  • What do I want to share?
  • How does it benefit the reader?
  • Is it helpful?
  • Is it well researched?
  • Do I engage the reader’s emotions?

Every word of your content should add value. People are not interested in fluffy sentences with little to no info. Add value = Answer questions, solve problems.

Ing. Petr Minarik
Cyclists Hub

Google wants the user to find the answer to the query right away, at the beginning of the introduction. The days of content marketers weaving a story into the introduction to hook readers are over. Google's Core Update of June 2021 focuses on user experience. Marketers need also not worry about bounce rate. The focus today is on getting the user the answer to the

search query right away. This is in stark contrast to trying to keep users on the blog post longer in order to improve bounce rate. Marketers need to update their posts with fresh content and content that answers the user's query at the beginning of the introduction.

Janice Wald
Blogger, Blogging Coach, Freelance Writer
Mostly Blogging

Rely on data

Many content creators ignore their own data because they don't know how to quantify it or set a benchmark for what is good and what is terrible. It's easier to understand the outcomes if your content approach is results-oriented. The first step is to get to know your audience and personalize your material to their preferences. The topic matter and the structure, the platform you choose to promote the content, and the relevancy of your final objective are all factors to consider. 

The first step toward success is to get the basics right, and delving deep into who your learners are and how to effectively reach them can help your overall content marketing approach succeed.

Jake Smith
Managing Director
Absolute Reg

Keep track of your success against your goals as you implement these content marketing ideas and produce content on your site. Although it's easy to feel accomplished by merely looking at the number of pages you've published, it's critical to examine whether or not those pages are truly creating results. Make it a habit to check Google Analytics (or another analytics application) regularly, and keep track of the parameters that show overall performance. If things are going well, keep doing what you're doing; if they aren't, utilize the data to improve your plan.

Naomi Bishop
Chief Insurance Officer

The biggest shift we've made is from a focus on quantitative data to qualitative data when it comes to content strategy. The truth about quantitative data is that (1) we're all using the same tools (2) to pull suspect data (3) on micro-conversions like links and shares—not leads and revenue.

So we can't expect quantitative data to rescue our strategies—to reveal the compelling angles on topics and help us stand out in a crowded landscape.

Qualitative data, however, has tons of insights. You can gather this by cataloging and coding comment threads on posts or—my favorite—comment streams on upvoting sites (e.g., Hacker News, Reddit). You can also run user surveys to get this same data.

Instead of staring at a laundry list of content that earned likes and shares, you'll get real user commentary about *why* certain articles or opinions within them resonated. Those are the crucial insights you need in 2022, when everything has already been 10x'd and skyscraper'd to death.

Derek Gleason
Lead Analyst 
Workshop Digital

Build tools

By far, one of our most effective content marketing strategies has been building calculators. With so many people's problems online, sometimes there's no better answer than by giving them solid numbers. There's some fantastic plugins which make creating content like this easy (I recommend the Calculated Fields Form plugin on WordPress). You can create calculators on almost anything, like:

  • Finance calculators
  • Material calculators
  • Product recommendation calculators
  • Cost-to-run calculators

The real beauty is in the ease of marketing these content pieces. Simply find websites that discuss the issue that your calculator solves, and mention how you've got a purpose-built calculator to help their readers. More often than not, they'll thank you for it.

Craig Anderson
Appliance Analysts

Dan’s Take
We love building tools for site visitors as well as our clients. In fact, we’ve built an SEO ROI Calculator and a PPC ROI Calculator that we use for internal purposes, but also as a means to naturally acquire links. You don’t need to be a developer to build calculator tools, either. Run on over to Code Canyon and type in a specific search for the type of calculator you want to build; you may find that it already exists and you can simply update it a little bit to match your branding.

Make your content more voice search-friendly

Voice search is becoming a more frequent way for individuals to access and consume web material as smart devices become more prevalent. Voice search is used by 41% of individuals on a daily basis to accomplish everything from checking the weather to making purchases. 

When generating the content, keep voice search in mind to ensure that your site and products are available to the biggest possible audience. People omit extraneous words and focus only on the most crucial terms, making search engine queries shorter and shorter.

Amber Morland
CEO & Founder 

Establish your authority

Your goal with each item should be to improve your authority as an instructor in your industry, regardless of how you offer it. Select a strategy that allows you to demonstrate your expertise and teaching techniques. 

When it comes to ranking websites, Google's algorithm prioritizes Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (EAT), so it's critical to establish oneself as a credible figure before your site rises to the top of the SERPs. Start by making sure your credentials are visible on your website and social media pages. To show learners and search engines that you are a respectable figure in your industry, use your professional title, if you have one, or establish social proof.

Adam Fard
Founder & Head Of Design 
Adam Fard UX Agency

Know your audience

You must first understand your target audience before you can develop any type of marketing strategy (online or otherwise). However, unlike most traditional tactics, content marketing necessitates a deeper understanding of your target group. You must write articles, blog posts, and visuals that engage your audience as part of content marketing. To accomplish so, you must first comprehend your potential clients' desires, know about their passions, know areas they need your assistance in, know the words and phrases they use to search for answers on the internet.

Here's an example of how to use this content marketing tip. Even though they both work in the healthcare area, a pharmaceutical digital marketing strategy and a dental digital marketing strategy may target two different audiences. While the pharmaceutical industry caters to doctors, the dental industry caters to patients, resulting in a wide range of materials. Your content marketing efforts will be considerably more successful if you have a thorough understanding of your audience. If you've never done any kind of research before, developing personas is a good place to start.

Daniel Foley
Daniel Foley SEO

To better understand the buyer's journey for my customers and clientele, I like to browse online forums for industry-specific topics to note what kinds of questions they're asking. With more people than ever on the internet in 2022, my company plans to work double-time in 2022 to ensure that our content goes further by utilizing the internet to identify information related to our buyer personas.

Leticia Romney 
Owner and Editor 
The Write Hand, LLC

Use an empathy map and take a comprehensive approach to gain a better understanding of your target audience's point of view to allow you to take a step back and better tailor their experience based on what they think, feel, see, or hear. Empathy is the value that opens the door to have more meaningful interactions with our customers, which is extremely important during these changing times.

Matthew Paxton

Stay relevant with evergreen content

When it comes to content, the Internet is incredibly saturated with articles, videos, webpages, and media being produced on an unbelievable scale every second, and ensuring that your content remains visible and relevant is a daily challenge. One effective way to stand out is to skillfully edit videos, making them engaging and polished to capture and retain your audience's attention.

As a result, evergreen content – content that remains relevant for an extended period of time – is crucial. Evergreen content will not go out of style in the near future, will always be timely and relevant, and will engage and attract users.

News stories, statistical trends, and seasonal topics are not allowed in evergreen content since they become associated with a specific date and lose their relevance. Evergreen content is regarded as a critical success factor for a business's marketing strategy, particularly because it drives more traffic, has lower maintenance costs (because it doesn't need to be updated or replaced on a regular basis), maintains high SEO rankings, and can be shared on social media for extended periods of time.

Tanner Arnold
President & CEO
Revelation Machinery

Prioritize quality over quantity

Don't try to do everything at once. 

Many edupreneurs will adopt broad content marketing plans in 2022, which will rapidly become unmanageable in practise. Be honest with yourself about what you can accomplish. It's simply not possible to write a blog post every day, start a podcast, and eventually get around to forming a Facebook group, let alone teach two courses and write a book. Instead, concentrate on what you can do relatively well. 

Frequency is less crucial than consistency. If you can only write one good blog post per month, adhere to that schedule and publish it on the same day each month. As a result, your fans will know when to expect your next post and will eagerly await it.

Dr. Pooneh Ramezani
CEO, Co-Founder
Dr. Brite

Dan’s Take
There is something of a debate in the SEO community about whether you should publish regularly or focus on quality and publish less frequently. My take is on the quality side of course, but I usually analyze other factors as well when it comes to content production frequency. When it comes to content, you want it to rank. Period. To get your content to rank you are likely to need a link building strategy to accompany it, so you have to budget accordingly. While you may be able to scale your content production to four blogs a month, not having a budget or resources to promote your content will likely not provide the same benefit of publishing one blog  per month, building enough links so that it ranks, and driving traffic.

Create comparison content

One of our favorite content strategies this year has been creating comparison articles. We sell live bugs to reptile owners. And each bug has a variety of nutritional differences. Our articles on crickets vs worms, and worms vs roaches, and roaches vs crickets have been some of the most read articles on our site.

Those articles yield the greatest AdSense return and time on site compared to our other articles.

Jeff Neal
The Critter Depot

Dan’s Take
I really like comparison content as well, especially when comparing lesser-known or new brands as well as SaaS companies. For these types of clients, a comparison piece would want to look into the keyword volume around comparing well-known brands. For example, if you were in the CRM space, you would do Salesforce vs HubSpot vs [Your Brand]. The major competitors would drive the keyword volume necessary to make it meaningful and adding your business to the comparison list draws attention to the fact that you provide the same services. Ideally, you showcase why you are better here as objectively as possible.

Create unique content

My best content marketing tip for 2022 is to stop rehashing old content! Instead, if you want to grow your website or blog, you should be creating unique, original content that your audience won't be able to find anywhere else. 

You can do this by commissioning your own research on a subject, creating original infographics, and interviewing experts in your niche. Unique content is far more likely to attract high-quality backlinks, which in turn will help your blog rank and be found by a wider audience.

Emily Brookes

Stay on top of trends

My top tips for content marketing in 2022 include staying on top of trends, looking at what other people are posting and consequently, what people are reacting most to. This then allows you to cater your content to something you know people will react most to. Another tip would be to make sure your content is straight to the point within the first couple of sentences. In this day and age, people don’t have the time to read a full article so they want to digest shorter pieces that get straight to the point.

Hannah Barden
Digital Marketing Apprentice
Bite Digital

Conduct competitor content audits

Given that content marketing is used by 48 percent of B2B marketers and 77 percent of B2C marketers, you're probably not the only company in your field aiming to acquire clients with content. While this implies that you will face competition, it also implies that you will have the opportunity to see what others are working on. 

Examine what your industry's top competitors are doing with their content initiatives. Understand the formats they use. Understand the themes on which they will be debating. Find out what the general population thinks about it and what they have to say about it.

Kate Libby
Best Kids

Dan’s Take
To get user-generated content try an outlet like Help a Reporter Out (HARO) where you can create queries in which relevant parties can respond. You can then use this information to create meaningful content that comes from the perspective of other credible sources (hint: sort of like the piece you are reading now!)

Narrow your focus

You may find yourself coming up with broad, generic subjects when you choose the topics you wish to write about. However, unless you're willing to devote the time to creating thorough long-form material, you should restrict each issue to the point where you can fully cover it. This will not only make article creation more manageable, but it will also assist you in developing more effective subjects. It's preferable to have ten pages that completely answer a single question rather than one page that answers ten questions with minimal explanation—especially if each question is about a different subject.

Stephanie Young
CEO & Founder 
Best Camping

Use internal links properly

If you want your content to rank highly in 2022, you need to use internal links correctly. One of the best ways to interlink your on-site content is by creating content clusters in a hub and spoke model. This is where you create a master page on a topic, which then links out to all relevant articles, which will naturally interlink with one another and of course, back up to the master page. This allows authority to flow around your content cluster, establishing credibility in Google's eyes and serving users with all the information they need. 

Ashton Hudson
Marketing Manager 
Roofing Megastore

Use memes

Memes are undoubtedly the best performing content type in 2022 and every business must use them to their advantage. Laughter is an instant vacation and people love those who make them laugh. 

Creating a fun image of your brand helps you increase the interaction with your content. People will like it, share it, and comment on their views that will naturally increase its reach.

All you need to do is to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and create content around that. But you must also be careful not to overdo the same and balance it with educational/informational content.

Madhav Goenka
Co-founder and CMO

Leverage live streaming technology

A big trend in content marketing for 2022 will be the continued rise of live streaming. The pandemic introduced us to the idea of events online, with seminars being held on Zoom, and talks/community interactions being a popular feature with instagram live.

Even with things now getting back to normal, audiences have been introduced to a much more accessible access to events they never had before, and that demand to keep this type of accessibility is clear to see on social media. Whatever your business is, working out how to incorporate these digital live events is something you should definitely be discussing.

Alex Magnin
CEO & Founder
Alex Magnin

Repurpose your content across all mediums

As companies become used to new features online being used in order to engage wider audiences, the next big trend will be about taking this a step further and learning how to repurpose this content in order to again share further and wider. 

For instance, live online events were extremely popular in 2020, so the next stage for that content will be saving, editing and sharing through other platforms in order to get your message further and to engage new audiences. Live will still have that excitement, especially with the idea of interaction, but having it available at a later date can still engage new people.

Alex Mastin 
Founder & CEO 

Invest in long-form content

It may seem paradoxical, but despite the fact that our attention spans are shortening and we are hopping from page to page, website to website, people are still ready to put in the time to read a detailed and well-written piece.

Just keep in mind that we're not discussing words for the sake of using them. Consumers are looking for quality. They want postings that are thorough, topical, and valuable. They are also not scared to spend time with them. More words equal more success, but only if they're relevant words. 

Alex Claro
VPN Analyst
Credit Donkey

Showcase your brand’s personality in your content

My best piece of advice in regards to content marketing is to be authentic.

Too often, businesses seem to think they need to put out professional-looking content all the time. The best pieces of content are ones that showcase your personality. I am a firm believer that people want to do business with people they actually like. If you can make your audience feel like they know the people behind the company logo you will see a tremendous response to your content marketing efforts. 

You don't need the best camera or the best video editing software. Sometimes, the best content happens when you spontaneously turn your phone around and do a quick video message speaking directly on something that will help your audience.

Alex Carter
Director of Product Development
MaxExposure Business Solutions

When starting a new small business, it's ok to take on content marketing and strategizing yourself, but eventually you're going to find it difficult to juggle everything, especially if you don't know best practices. 

Hire a content marketing manager

A professional content marketing manager will work with you to learn about and understand your audience, make sure your content has a clear goal, and maintain your brand voice across all platforms and promotional avenues. If you're not doing it right, you could actually be hurting your business.

Jennifer Berube
Content Strategist
Jennifer Berube

Content Marketing Tips Takeaways

Thanks to all the content marketers out there that made this post possible. What is interesting about this roundup is that content marketers come in many shapes and sizes -- CEOs, Founders, Analysts, and even Apprentices. 

The takeaway here is that anyone can do content marketing with the proper plan, strategies, and execution. We look forward to checking out the best content marketing tips for 2022 next year.

Daniel Lofaso

Daniel E. Lofaso is the Founder and CEO of Digital Elevator. He loves classic Land Rover Defenders, surfing, and is a BBQ master. Connect with Lofaso on LinkedIn

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