9 Link Building Strategies to use in 2022

Last Updated on February 21, 2022

If you want your content to rank, you will need to know the best link building strategies to use. In today's video, Digital Elevator Founder and CEO Daniel Lofaso goes over 9 of the most popular link building strategies to use in 2022 with a breakdown of their pros and cons.

These strategies include:

1. Guest Blog Posting
2. Link Requests
3. Broken Link Building
4. Directory Links
5. Reciprocal Link Building
6. Unlinked Mentions
7. Syndication
8. Community Site Links
9. Paying for Links

After watching this video you'll know about the various ways to approach link building and which strategies you should consider to help rank your, or your clients', content.








Daniel Lofaso

Daniel E. Lofaso is the Founder and CEO of Digital Elevator. He loves classic Land Rover Defenders, surfing, and is a BBQ master. Connect with Lofaso on LinkedIn

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