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In today’s fast-moving SEO world, results are harder than ever to come by. At Digital Elevator, not only do we provide exemplary SEO services that reverse engineer all of Google’s 200 ranking factors (+/-), but we go beyond the rankings and perform SEO services that help our clients build legitimate brands. We specialize in SEO for SMBs that want to innovate, create amazing content, drive traffic, visibility, and sales.

Our SEO Process

With 200 ranking factors and a zillion action items needed to rank a site in Google, you need a partner that can help manage them all. Our SEO process allows us to ensure that all of our clients are plugged into a system that has been helping our clients drive traffic, generate leads, and grow their brands for nearly 10 years.


Our team is an extension of yours. Each client has their own goals and own set of needs. During the planning process we get an understanding of your business, it’s goals, your website, and your path to success.


Like a doctor, we don’t “prescribe before we diagnose.” This research phase involves a technical SEO audit, a content audit, keyword research, a competitive analysis, and a review of your analytics to help us create a long-term, 12-month SEO strategy.

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As an extension of your team, we are here to carry out all of our findings, suggestions, or recommendations. This means we’ll perform the keyword research, create relevant service or product pages, carry out the content marketing strategy, and create and promote the content we find that will drive traffic, leads, and sales.

"Their work has helped increase my revenue by 1000%. In terms of Google ranking, they were able to make the company the top search result for all of our keywords within six months of launching the SEO plan."

Eddie Lester | CEO, Fitness Mentors


In SEO, there is always something that can be improved… rankings, conversion rates, and other KPIs are taken to account and placed into our process to attack via our systemized approach. Data is our best friend and our monthly reports help refine on an ongoing basis.

What SEO Services Do We Provide?

Digital Elevator can help with a number of SEO solutions:

Done for you (DFY) SEO campaign management

SEO audit

Website architecture consulting

On-page SEO

Conversion rate optimization

Analytics setup

SEO consulting


How is Digital Elevator different from other SEO agencies?

If you like transparent communication direct with the people working on your campaign, you’ll love working with us. Forget working with an account manager who knows nothing about technical SEO or strategy; this process is much more hands-on and transparent. Our other differentiators include: a content marketing process that delivers exceptionally fast results; turn-key done for you (DFW) services (if you want them) — we do all content writing, link building, and website develop as consistent with your SEO campaign. No hidden or superfluous costs here.

How does pricing work?

We work with our clients’ goals and budgets. As our prices are based on hourly rates (sort of like an attorney), you’ll always know what you are getting based on the allotted budget as factored into time estimates for projects.

How do your contracts work?

We perform both long-term and project-based contracts. Our long-term SEO contracts are typically a year long as we partner with companies that understand SEO is a marathon, not a foot race.

How long does it take to get results?

The word “results” is a subjective term. Everyone defines results differently. For us, results means increases in organic traffic and conversions. Each industry and campaign is different; we’ve seen rankings increase in a month in some industries and others take 12-months or more. Talk to us about your goals and expectations and we will let you know what kind of results you’ll get in specific timeframes.

What is included in SEO services?

See question one. Other companies will do lots of research for you and little implementation; Digital Elevator is different because we are equipped to do it all. This includes audits, competitive analysis’, keyword research, content marketing, link building, and more.

What happens if I have an internal marketing team?

Most of our clients have internal marketing teams. We workout the items we do for them and the items we do in conjunction with them.

Digital Elevator Case Studies

Read about how Digital Elevator helped our clients maximize their industry market share.

Digital Elevator Case Studies

Read how Digital Elevator helped our clients maximize their industry market share.


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