How to Approach Website Development like an Agency

August 27, 2021

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Do you ever wonder how professional website development agencies map out website projects? If so, stay tuned as Digital Elevator’s Chief Creative Officer, Rob Hatch, and Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Lofaso, break down the process they use to build websites ranging from small 5-pagers to 500-page massive corporate sites.

Combined, Hatch and Lofaso have collectively built over 500 websites, and about 200 of those together at Digital Elevator. The company specializes in WordPress websites, but the practices used can be adopted and referenced for any professional website development CMS or platform.

We cover:

– how we approach web dev with our clients to produce professional sites.
– how we lay out a process laid out and we use project management software as our guide (ensures no loose ends, accountability, and sets a timeframe)
– client questionnaire dictates the goals and design direction the client wants (with our insight and feedback)
– gather design assets (branding guidelines, logos, fonts, images, etc)
– staging
– sitemaps
– wireframes
– graphic design mockups
– moving into development
– alpha testing (internal)
– beta testing (external)
– client handoff for review inside staging
– go live
– additional testing, indexation, SEO team processes

Daniel Lofaso

Daniel E. Lofaso is the Founder and CEO of Digital Elevator. He loves classic Land Rover Defenders, surfing, and is a BBQ master. Connect with Lofaso on LinkedIn

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