Blog Management Services

We specialize in blog management services for companies who want a partner to research, plan, publish and promote their blog content. 

Our services are for geared for companies in competitive industries who require data-driven blog management solutions to help them create content that ranks and improves outcomes.

Who are Digital Elevator Blog Management Services for? 

Our blog management services are designed for:

Companies who require rankings that have significant business impact

Businesses that need an analysis of content opportunities they can actually rank for

Organizations that need a partner capable of producing SERP-dominating content


Starting at $800/blog*

Prices are based on the following:

  • Difficulty of niche
  • Depth/length of content
  • Required creatives

Contact us for a quote and to learn more about link building and content promotion services

Who are our services not for?

Our blog management services are not for everyone. If you are content with blogs that are "pretty good," run-of-the-mill posts based on predefined word count but not research, or are looking for a solution based on price and not ROI, there are better solutions out there for you.

Evelina Grines

Director of Marketing & Business Development

It is nearly a year now since we engaged Digital Elevator, and I am thrilled to say that the blogs we worked on together are ranking #1 almost across the board for the keywords we targeted.

What’s Included in Digital Elevator’s Blog Management Services?

Our blog management services are intended to act as an extension of your content marketing department (or drive it). The service is completely turn-key although we do love to collaborate with clients on what content resonates best with their business initiatives.

Blog strategy

We don’t prescribe until we diagnose.

Our strategies begin with an analysis of your buyer personas, direct and indirect competitors’ best content, in-depth keyword research, domain rating and backlink analysis, and the most popular content we can create to generate links, drive traffic, and improve outcomes.

We also consider the buyer journey and the types of content that are needed to support them in their decision-making process.

Blog creation

High traffic potential. Maximum business impact.

The creation of top-ranking blogs does not begin with preset word counts and “publish and pray” blog strategies.

The research we perform in stage one allows us to understand the depth of content we need to create and the accompanying creatives – graphics, photos, infographics, rich media, videos, etc. – Google loves so that we can deliver the best user experience and content assets that position you for top rankings in your vertical.

Blog promotion

Links. Promotion. Distribution. 

Our blogs don’t fall in the forest of deaf ears.

There is a lot of noise on the internet which is why blogs need effective promotion strategies to rank. Our blog promotion services create meaningful, high power links that are accompanied by proprietary content promotion strategies resulting in maximum exposure and rankings.


What do your engagements typically look like?

We have client engagements that range from project-based, one-off blog strategy, creation and promotion contracts as well as engagements that include monthly blog publications and are based on annual contracts. 

How do you determine which blog topics to focus on?

The blogs we create are dependent on a number of factors including: relationship to business services, keyword difficulty, competition, rankings goals, and link opportunities.

Do you work with in-house content teams?

Yes. We will create strategic blogging strategies alongside in-house content teams as more of a consulting role. In this capacity we generally create the content calendars and help with link building and promotion while the in-house teams take care of writing and publishing content.

Can I see a sample of your work?

Yes. But you'll have to contact us first. Publishing our clients' best content here puts a target on their back.

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