Biotech Logo & Branding Services

Logo and branding services for the biotech industry with a specialized focus on emerging biotech companies.

Digital Elevator specializes in helping biotech companies establish a strong visual identity that accurately represents their brand and message. Our team of experienced designers understands the unique challenges of the biotech industry and is dedicated to creating visually stunning designs that resonate with your target audience. 

For your logos and branding guidelines, we are committed to delivering high-quality designs that help your biotech company stand out in a competitive market. Let us help you establish a strong visual presence and take your biotech business to the next level.

Logo & Branding Services Uniquely Catered for Emerging Biotech Companies

Whether you are emerging from stealth mode or are already well into clinical studies, our expertise and commitment to your outcome is paramount. Our logo and branding design services can scale with your company based on your goals, budgets, and timeframes.  

Madison Avenue Services Without the Madison Avenue Price Tag

Unlike the “Madison Ave” agencies that pass on their overhead to their clients, our services are approachable and a welcome respite to the excessive rates the other guys charge.

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Tim Branz


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Their in-house talent, expertise, attitude, engagement style, and creativity were second to none.

Our Approach to Biotech Logo & Branding

At Digital Elevator, our designers work closely with our clients to understand their unique corporate identity and values, ensuring that the final logo and branding guidelines accurately reflect the essence of their brand. We also carefully consider color palettes and color psychology, choosing colors that not only complement the brand but also evoke the desired emotions and associations in the target audience.

Market differentiation is also a key consideration in our approach. We analyze the competition and industry trends to ensure that our clients' designs stand out and make a lasting impression. Our goal is to create designs that effectively communicate our clients' unique value propositions and set them apart in a crowded marketplace.

Biotech Logo Design & Branding Services

Logo design

Branding guidelines

Brand differentiation strategy

Concept ideation

Font selection

Competitive analysis

Color palette selection

Logo usage guidelines

Market research and analysis

Scalable Logo & Branding Packages for SMBs

At Digital Elevator, we understand the unique challenges faced by emerging biotech companies when it comes to logo design and branding guideline creation. Unlike complex corporate branding, we provide simple solutions that work for small businesses with limited budgets or resources.

We also recognize the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices. Our designers have experience working with biotech companies and are well-versed in the specific visual language and design elements that are most effective in this industry.



5 logo concepts

Two week delivery

3 revisions

Source files

Vector files

Social media kit

Logo & Branding Combo


Everything in logo package

Everything in branding package

Save $1,000

Two week delivery

Great for startups

Great for rebrands



Two week delivery

3 revisions

Typography & logo guidelines

Brand book design

Color palette

Iconography guidelines

Branding Kit Example

Logo & Branding FAQ's

What is a logo concept?

A logo concept is a fundamental idea or design approach used to create a logo for a business, brand, product, or organization. During the logo design process, multiple concepts may be developed and presented to the client or stakeholders for feedback. These concepts serve as the starting point for further refinement and exploration until a final logo design is chosen and approved.

What are source files?

Logo source files refer to the original, editable design files used to create a logo. These files are typically created using vector graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator.

What are vector files?

Logo vector files are digital files that contain vector graphics. These files are typically used for storing and displaying logos, illustrations, and other graphics that require scalability and precision.

What is a social media kit?

A social media kit is a collection of high-resolution images or graphics to use on social media.

What's included in the logo usage and typography guidelines?

Logo: We detail guidelines on how to correctly use your logo in various applications, maintaining its integrity and effectiveness.

Typography: We establish clear typography guidelines to maintain consistency in your brand's written communication, ensuring readability and brand recognition.

What is included with the brand book?

We create a comprehensive brand book that serves as a reference for your brand's identity, including logo usage, color palettes, and typography guidelines.

What is included with the iconography guidelines?

We design a set of icons that complement your brand's visual identity, providing a cohesive and recognizable visual language.


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