How Digital Elevator Helped Increase a Niche Biotech's Traffic Value to $39k with Content Marketing


How we helped a niche biotech turn their website into a traffic and lead generation machine.


Our biotech client had very niche product offerings that were only available through customized ordering through their sales team. Given the high ticket nature of their products (>$100k each), they had a hard time generating leads through their site. They spent a lot of resources on conferences and tradeshows, but needed an additional way to scale their lead generation efforts. The client's internal marketing team had some SEO experience, but admittedly needed help with SEO best practices, exhaustive keyword research, and the development of strategic middle and bottom of the funnel content.

The total available traffic within this niche was also somewhat shallow. In many cases, biotech's are in niche verticals that don't extend themselves to 100,000s of visits per month. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity as the competition tends to be a bit more focused but the potential for increased market share is obtainable. In these types of situations, it is of upmost importance to understand how the biotech's products differ from that of competitors and communicate that via sales copy.

Content Marketing Strategy

Optimized and matched buying intent for product and application pages to increase bottom of funnel lead generation.

Comprehensive keyword research around product-related topics and problems.

Created calculator tool to showcase how product could help with cost savings, providing innovative content that stood out against competitors.

Set up conversion tracking across all assets to analyze how content downloads resulted in sales.

Provided conversion rate optimization guidance across website to increase likelihood of lead generation across each product page and resources pages.

Created industry-specific resource content to attract scientific community in addition to the more conversational blog content.



Increase in traffic value


Keywords in SERP top 3

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