Content Marketing Services

Digital Elevator helps our clients form strong content strategies that are aimed at building brands and creating lasting customer relationships. Using content marketing strategies steeped in research and analysis, we often look for opportunities to introduce pictures, videos, infographics, whitepapers, articles, blogs and press releases into the mix depending on the needs of each client.

Each of our content strategies is customized for each of our clients allowing us to focus on their most lucrative offerings and therefore provide the best return on investment.

Our Content Marketing Process

Content is constructed with two audiences in mind- the people searching for the content and the search engines that bring that content to those people. With this in mind, our strategy uses elements of keyword research as well as the reverse engineering of industry trends to create content plans that hit the right people at the right time. We also look into what your competitors are doing to determine how we can one-up them. Learn more about our content marketing strategy.

Holy Grail SEO: A Proprietary Process

Digital Elevator invented what is called “Holy Grail SEO,” a content marketing process that we featured in Search Engine Journal. Holy Grail SEO is a research method we use to find high volume, low competition keywords. This is an ideal strategy for startups, new websites, sites with little to no domain rating, sites in uber-competitive industries, and a combination of any of the above.

We can find keywords in verticals the following ways:

Using Google SERPs to Reverse Engineer Results

Using Keyword Software to Target Specific Topics

Looking at Competitors’ Sites to Find High Volume, Low Competition Keywords

Digital Elevator Case Studies

Read about how Digital Elevator helped our clients maximize their industry market share.

It is nearly a year now since we engaged Digital Elevator, and I am thrilled to say that the blogs we worked on together are ranking #1 almost across the board for the keywords we targeted. This has increased the traffic to our site, and we couldn’t be more pleased with how it has impacted our business.”

Decor Steals | Director of Marketing & Business Development, Evelina Grines

Done for You (DFY) Content Marketing Services

Digital Elevator can help with a number of content marketing solutions:

Keyword research

Keyword gap analysis

Content calendars

Topic clusters


White papers

Link building

Website copy

Technical SEO


How is Digital Elevator Different from other content marketing agencies?

In addition to utilizing the Holy Grail SEO technique we mentioned above, we are also capable of creating very large content marketing assets such as tools or guides. For example, we created a ROI calculator for a client in the software space that ranks well and generates leads for them.

How does pricing work?

We offer both project-based and ongoing content marketing services. These services are priced according to the man-hours, team members, and promotional logistics involved.

What is included in content marketing service?

All content marketing services include a goal discussion, buyer persona analysis, competitive analysis, keyword research, market research, and KPI reporting.

What happens if I have an internal writing team?

We work with internal writing teams all the time! We will often provide the research and competitive analysis metrics and examples for them to carry out as well as review their content for SEO rankability purposes.

Digital Elevator Case Studies

Read how Digital Elevator helped our clients maximize their industry market share.


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