SEO Competitor Analysis Services

Our favorite quote from one of our clients was, “I want to crush the competition.” We loved his attitude and provide services that address exactly how to do that.

The magic of conducting an SEO competitive analysis is research driven. It is this data intelligence that helps clients make informed decisions on how their competitors rank, earn traffic, build links, and earn conversions… and how to crush them.

Who are Digital Elevator Competitive Analyses for?

Technology companies engaged in content marketing (or that want to) that are in competitive industries who are interested in stealing competitor’s traffic and gaining market share!

These services are designed for companies who want to look at their overall market, determine where they stand, and know what is required to rank for crucial topics and keywords.


Starting at $5,000*

What’s Included in a Digital Elevator Competitive Analysis?

Digital Elevator will analyze three of your biggest Google organic competitors to provide data-driven answers to search engine ranking factors such as:

Who your actually Google organic competitors really are

What keywords they are targeting via keyword gap analysis

Why they are successful with their content marketing strategy

The link building metrics that make them successful

The conversion rate optimization strategies that they are using

What digital marketing strategies they are using effectively

Where they fall short and where you can strategically position yourself to win

And most importantly, what you need to do to overtake them.

The competitive analysis provides a thorough report with our data driven findings alongside short and long-term recommendations.

With of a goal of always increasing our market share, it is one of our standard protocols to get a full understanding of the competitive landscape. We turn to Digital Elevator and their competitive analysis services to understand digital competitors because their insights showcase direct and indirect competitors, provide actionable advice on what to do to continue dominating our industry, and how to stay 10 steps ahead of what everyone else is doing.

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What Can I Do with My Competitive Analysis?

Digital Elevator Competitive Analyses provide a roadmap for success. Once receiving your analysis, you’ll have a strategy that helps you understand:

The content you need to improve or create

Where your user experience can be improved

How to compete for specific keywords from a quality, link, and readability standpoint

How you can win with long-tail keywords

How to reverse engineer the most competitive content

How to steal your competitors links

How many links you need, to specific pages, to rank number 1

How to stay ahead of the competition

Content marketing opportunities to consider

Where your content gaps lie

Anything that may make your competitors’ sites superior to yours

How competitor domain authority factors into rankings


Are these just automated competitive analyses?

Our competitive analyses are heavily driven by human processes. We do rely on software to extrapolate meaningful data that we then process, analyze and organize, but the details provided are customized specifically for your site. There is no software that drills down into the details as much as we do and provides actionable insights.

How do you define “Google organic competitors?”

Google organic competitors are defined as competitive sites that rank for your target keywords. These target keywords can be related to services or your industry in general. Generally, the focus of the competitive analysis is best suited for content that is related to a sale or lead. This can include, however, top, middle, and bottom of the funnel content.

How long do the analyses take?

Competitive analyses generally take us four weeks to complete.

What if my desired keywords are scattered across multiple competitors?

Our content audits are designed around three primary competitors. However, we understand that certain keyword targets may be scattered across more sites than that, or that primary competitor sites may not be the only ones that target desired keywords. Our reports seek to provide as much of this data on tertiary competitors as possible, but is primarily focused on competitors with similar products or services.

Can I request more than three competitors to be analyzed?

Yes. We can do in-depth analysis on additional competitors for $1,500 each.

How much consulting time do we get?

Any follow up regarding the specifics of our report is provided. Ongoing SEO consultation, however, is not included.

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