SEO Content Audit Services

We specialize in SEO content audits for sites with 100+ blogs. Our content audits are designed to evaluate past page performance, keyword rankings, links, and identify opportunities to elevate overall site performance.

Who are Digital Elevator Content Audits for?

Our content auditing services are designed for:

Well-established sites with 100+ posts

Sites with an abundance of low quality pages, or pages that don’t add value

Companies that want to adhere to Google best-practices


Starting at $5,700*

Prices are based on the number of URLs to be audited:

  • Up to 200 URLs: $5,700
  • 201-400 URLs: $6,700
  • 401-600 URLs: $7,700
  • 601+ URLs: Get a custom quote

What’s Included in a Digital Elevator Content Audit?

Digital Elevator content audits are an in-depth analysis of every page, or select sub folders, on your site to review them for performance, quality, and opportunity. Using a proprietary process that involves several pieces of software and manual review, we look at each blog to provide a meaningful recommendation called a directive.

Each blog will be reviewed based on historical traffic, freshness, links built, current rankings, and their benefit to search engines. The directives, which will be provided via spreadsheet, will include: 

Don't alter: New posts that are published less than 6 months prior are generally set to don’t alter. Older blogs that are evergreen and meet other criteria will also be placed in this category.

Delete and 301: If a blog has no traffic, no links, and no rankings, we recommend deleting and 301ing it.

Archive: For content that serves no purpose to search engines and therefore can harm overall site traffic but is valuable to visitors, we recommend archiving.

Reoptimize: When a post has decent rankings and high potential to rank with minor updates to the page, we recommend a reoptimization.

Rewrite: If the topic is sound but the content is completely outdated and needs to be completely rewritten, we make this recommendation.

Merge and 301: Often topics cover the same topic and cannibalize each other for rankings. In this case, we make the recommendation to merge them for maximum benefit.

Target with links: If the data reveals that a post is sound but doesn’t rank, the recommended solution is to target it with links.

We thought our internal content team knew a lot about creating content and using data to make actionable decisions until we got our content audit report from Digital Elevator. Their report revealed dozens of dead weight pages, content that was competing for the same keywords, content that could easily be improved with their keyword research, pages that needed to be merged, and pages we needed to archive. Because we create so much content, the report provides invaluable training material and is now our internal guide for creating industry-best, SEO-friendly content.

Digital Experience & Strategy, Senior Manager at [Fortune 500 Company]

What Can I Do with My Content Audit?

Understand the Content That Works

Content audits reveal content that is working well for you as well as content that isn’t. With this information, you’ll be able to duplicate great content and get your content team to rally around content marketing strategies that work.

Eliminate Deadweight Pages

Get recommendations on what content should be deleted, 301 redirected, archived, or otherwise removed. These pages can often hold a site back from top rankings because Google has said they don’t like to index low quality pages.

Know Where SEO Opportunities Lie

Future content marketing strategies will be magnified and you’ll have a direct plan of action on what to do with all of your existing content so that it has the best chance of dominating search engine rankings.


Are these just automated content audits?

Content audits are a combination of qualitative and quantitative data. We do extract information from several software sources including Google Analytics and Ahrefs, but the reporting is manual and is custom to your business.

How long do the audits take?

Content audits typically take four weeks to complete, but depend on the amount of URLs.

Do you guarantee rankings or traffic increases?

In many cases where there are a lot of deadweight pages removed, rankings and traffic can increase in a matter of weeks. However, content audits generally provide a lot of recommendations that are aligned with a longer-term SEO strategy. For that reason, we can’t guarantee rankings or traffic will increase post-audit, as there are many factors that come into play when it comes to websites and rankings.

Do you execute your recommendations for us?

Clients who have the resources to execute the content audit recommendations are best suited for these services. We recommend that this should be established prior to our engagement to ensure that the content audit findings are executed in a timely manner to realize the full benefits. For technical recommendations we can provide a limited number of solutions for certain CMSs or platforms as a separate project. These solutions can be 301 redirects, archiving, or deletions. For content or promotional related recommendations such as re-optimizations, rewrites, or link building, these are not included in the audit, but can be considered as an additional project or ongoing engagement.

How much consulting time do we get?

Once your content is delivered, we’ll communicate with you to address any questions you may have. While the content audit does not include additional SEO consulting outside this project, it does provide very actionable insights to help you make content-related decisions.

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