White Paper Writing Service

71% of businesses seek out and read white papers to make buying decisions.

For this reason, they're essential for B2B marketers. Get a professionally written and designed white paper to help your prospects make an informed decision or address an issue or problem.

Digital Elevator can help you craft the perfect message with our white paper writing service. We can also design the graphics and promote it if needed.

Who are Digital Elevator White Paper Services for?

There are a variety of great reasons that a business may create a white paper. In addition to being informational in general, they’re a fantastic way to collect B2B leads. 

White papers are a way to connect with your audience, make readers aware of your products or services, and position your company as an expert in the field.

Below are some of the most common goals:

  • Lead generation
  • Support for sales teams in the varying stages of the sales cycle
  • Bringing awareness to a new and/or best practice or a product offering
  • Positioning the organization as a thought leader
  • Elaborating on the unique selling proposition (USP) of an organization, product or service

What’s Included in a Digital Elevator White Paper Writer Service?

Topic Ideation
on-page SEO services
Market Research
Buyer Persona Insights
Content Writing
Graphic Design

White Paper Design Services

Our graphic design team can make the most stunning, page-turning white papers on the market. We can make your long-form content digestible and attractive simultaneously with a blend of photography, graphs, data, custom iconography, or charts.

We’ll utilize your branding and style guide to match your logo, colors, and fonts to match your brand.

White Paper Designs

White Paper Landing Pages

Industries We Write White Papers for

The Digital Elevator writing team has written 100s of white papers over the years for clients in all industries. While most white papers are geared towards B2B, we can also craft white papers for B2C audiences.


White Paper Promotion & Distribution Services

After you publish your white paper, you can leverage it to create leads. Generally, a white paper's initial goal is to collect data from your visitor that converts them into a lead for your business.

There are various ways to drive visitors to your white paper's landing page to download the content, and we can help with each as an additional service:

LinkedIn - Since white papers most often target B2B, LinkedIn is our recommendation for the best promotional results, as this digital avenue is more directed towards business professionals.

Google Ads - Benefit by keyword-based advertising options, paying particular attention to the intent of the search engine rankings pages (SERPs).

Facebook & Instagram - Advertise on these platforms if you want to choose a target audience or target behaviorally.

Retargeting Ads - Retargeting ads, or remarketing ads, are cookie-based ads that essentially revisit a user that has left your website. In general, only 2% of visitors convert on the very first visit. Retargeting helps to re-reach the 98% who left the site.

General White Paper Consulting & Related Services

In addition to white paper writing services, we also offer the following related services for companies that want to leverage white papers to their fullest potential:

Landing Page
Design & Creation
Email Marketing
Website Integration Recommendations


What is a White Paper?

A white paper is a report or guide that educates your readers on a particular subject or issue. 

And by the way, the preferred and more commonly accepted language is “white paper,” not “whitepaper,” although you wouldn’t raise too many eyebrows if you used the latter.

Why Do People Write White Papers?

White papers are a way to connect with your audience, make readers aware of your products or services, and position your company as an expert in the field.

Are White Papers Still Relevant?

According to a Demand Gen Content Preferences report, 71% of B2B buyers have used white papers in the last 12 months to research purchasing decisions.

What is the Difference Between a White Paper and a Case Study?

The main difference is that a case study utilizes real-life examples of the solution in action.

What is the Difference Between a White Paper and an Ebook?

An ebook, short for electronic book, is a complete guide to something but doesn't necessarily solve anything. On the other hand, a white paper is meant to help the reader solve a problem.

How long should a white paper be?

The most common white paper length is about six pages.

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