Daniel E. Lofaso

Founder & CEO, Digital Elevator

Daniel Lofaso

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Lofaso has led the Digital Elevator team to great success for over a decade, winning multiple third-party awards for digital marketing, SEO, and website development.


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Professional statement

Daniel Lofaso is a highly-reputable SEO and content marketer who has been helping clients achieve their digital marketing growth goals for over a decade. He has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, including consulting on projects with McKesson, scaling companies alongside private equity firms, and winning out on contracts against the largest digital marketing firms in the country.

Lofaso has been featured on large publications such as Search Engine Journal, SiteProNews, VentureBeat, CopyBlogger, and dozens of others.

Lofaso has served on the Board of Directors for organizations close to his heart, including the South Florida Tech Hub and Surfing Florida Museum.

Lofaso enjoys working with high-growth companies that are focused on innovation, long-term relationships, and ethics, particularly in the areas of SaaS, technology, healthcare, and online education.