Automotive eCommerce Solutions SEO Case Study

OEM Bimmer Parts

Company & Client Overview

OEM Bimmer Parts is the #1 rated source for BMW parts and accessories at discounted prices. They sell thousands of parts for BMWs as well as other BMW sub-brands and German cars through an easy-to-navigate website.

The Challenge 


When Digital Elevator was brought on to review the automotive eCommerce website, they had recently transitioned from a dated eCommerce platform to Shopify. In this process the site health suffered, URLs were changed and therefore rankings dropped, and the site navigation was not well optimized.

In a SEO audit, we found loads of issues that resulted in a health score of 43/100, including missing meta data, slow pages, and a non-indexed homepage.


Given that OEM Bimmer Parts was an established brand with 1,000’s of parts, the focus was almost entirely on technical and on-page SEO. Websites of this size tend to benefit greatly from technical SEO fixes, so we addressed all of the technical issues with the site with their development team based on a triage model.

We then created an optimization plan based on the most impactful pages based on keyword volume. This included the optimization of the primary category pages based on keyword research and a focus on unbranded keywords. We optimized title tags, page titles, and meta descriptions and emphasized OEM’s free shipping in their title tags to encourage click-throughs.

After the main category pages were optimized we went to perform the aforementioned optimizations on the sub-category pages, which consisted of car models. Finally, after all the parent sub-category pages were optimized we created master category pages around specific parts (ex. Air conditioning) that focused on more generic categories with higher volume.

After these optimizations were performed, the campaign shifted to individual product page optimization based on the most lucrative products as well as the products with low keyword difficulty. We trained the OEM Bimmer Parts team how to do this and empowered them with a process to handle these updates internally.

Full Scope of Services

Strategic consulting

UX and UI consulting

Cars Aren’t the Only Thing that Move Fast

During the course of this project the keyword ranking increases were extremely evident. The site now ranks for nearly 8,000 product-related keywords, a quarter of which rank on the first page.

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