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Whiter Image

Whiter Image Scales Content Marketing to Acquisition

Company & Client Overview

Whiter Image is a B2B and B2C manufacturer of dental products created by dental and pharmaceutical experts. Their products help dentists upsell their patients teeth whitening products, a market valued at $6.9 billion and growing. 

As the most popular of all cosmetic dentistry treatments, Whiter Image’s goal is to partner with dentists to help promote whiter teeth while providing an additional, lucrative revenue stream. Their take home whitening products were disruptive to traditional cosmetic treatments as they were promoting the use of professional-grade products without the need for a professional in-office whitening.

The Challenge 


The brand awareness for Whiter Image was lacking severely, and the brand primarily relied on expensive tradeshows and conferences to get facetime with dentists and office managers. While their products were effective, they had a difficult time educating prospective clients on the benefits of utilizing dental whitening products as an additional revenue source as well as how to use a proven sales system to reach more patients.

Digital Elevator was brought in to create and execute an ongoing content marketing campaign that would serve to engage top-of-the-funnel contacts, educate dentists and office managers on how to effectively sell teeth whitening, and create investor-focused press releases and promotion to generate brand awareness and excitement.


Digital Elevator worked alongside the Whiter Image marketing team for over a year to develop a multi-funnel content strategy.

To promote their services to existing prospects, we created an email nurture campaign that was integrated with their CRM. Through research, we understood that many dentists struggled with marketing in general so we created in-depth whitepapers that we then promoted via LinkedIn as well as through existing lead generation channels to further educate dentists and reinforce Whiter Image’s role as a thought leader.

These whitepapers were also accompanied by a robust SEO-driven blogging campaign that sought to go after Whiter Image’s buyer persona to drive traffic, brand awareness, and leads.

Finally, we revamped all of Whiter Image’s website copy to use more effective sales language that reinforced the benefits of utilizing their products and services, effectively showcasing the financial possibilities of teeth whitening for dental practices. 

Full Scope of Services

Email marketing

Website copy

Strategic consulting

300% Revenue Increase & Full Acquisition 


Due to the combined efforts of Whiter Image’s marketing efforts as well as our multi-touchpoint content marketing campaign, the company eventually was acquired by a private investor for an undisclosed amount after boasting a 300% increase in revenue over the course of 14 months.

Note: The current version of the Whiter Image website is not representative of the work we did pre-aquisition.

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